Israel Day Parade: The brutal form of Palestine supporters was seen in Israel Day parade, demanding to kill all the hostages


Israel Day Parade: In the parade organized during Israel Day, a Palestinian supporter reached in front of Israel supporters with a controversial banner. After the pictures which came out, people raised many questions on social media.

Israel Day Parade

Many demonstrations are taking place in America regarding the Gaza war. Some are pro-Palestinian demonstrations and some are pro-Israel demonstrations. Controlling these demonstrations has become a headache for the US administration. On the occasion of the Israel Day parade in New York City, pro-Palestine groups and pro-Israel people who had come to participate in the Israel parade clashed with each other.

Suddenly a masked man entered among the family members of the hostages who had come to attend the parade and started waving a banner. The uproar is increasing over the banner that the man was holding. It was written on the banner, Kill All Hostages.

How did the uproar happen?

This year, the Israel Day parade in New York was attended by family members of the hostages who were taken hostage by Hamas on 7 October. The Parade Day was being organized peacefully in New York when a Palestinian group came face to face with them. Amidst the commotion, a man came in front of the people participating in the parade and waved a banner saying Kill All Hostages.

After the video of the banner went viral, the issue escalated and strong opposition to this act was seen on social media.

Difficulties increased for Biden

Presidential elections are to be held in the US in November this year. After Israel's increasing aggression in Gaza, large-scale pro-Palestinian protests have been seen in the US. After the deaths of civilians in Gaza, the Biden administration is under pressure both inside and outside the country. In such a situation, it has become difficult for Biden to take both sides along.

Growing concern over the safety of hostages

The lives of Israeli hostages held by Hamas are in danger due to the prolongation of the war. Protests are taking place in Tel Aviv every day due to this. The families of the hostages demand that PM Netanyahu should bring back the hostages by making a ceasefire deal as soon as possible.