Iran: Why are questions being raised?


Iran President News: Questions have started being raised about Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi, who was the victim of a helicopter accident. President Raisi was returning from East Azerbaijan province on Sunday after inaugurating a dam when the helicopter crashed. Raisi's death is currently being considered an accident. But now questions have started being raised whether Raisi was murdered or died due to an accident.


Why are questions being raised?

63-year-old Raisi had gone to inaugurate a dam in East Azerbaijan. After this inauguration, he was going towards Tabriz city. Then his helicopter goes missing at 7.30 pm. Raisi's helicopter was part of the fleet that was included in the President's convoy. There were a total of three helicopters in this fleet. Two of which returned safely. 

Now the question is arising that if the weather was so bad then why did the pilot decide to move the helicopter forward? There is also a question when the two helicopters included in the fleet returned safely, then how did the President's helicopter remain stuck? Although there is a possibility that the accident may have happened due to bad weather, foul play cannot be ruled out.

Questions are also being raised because this accident happened during the tour to Azerbaijan. Besides, the helicopter crash site is also Azerbaijan border. At present, Azerbaijan and Israel are said to have very close relations. Not only this but recently there was also talk of Israel using Azerbaijan's land to attack Iran. Azerbaijan has considerable intelligence communication with Israel. Both also keep sharing intelligence. Azerbaijan has been receiving a lot of help from Israel. Especially when he fought with Armenia, Israel stood with him.

What is the 'nuclear connection' to Raisi's death?

According to the report, Iran was making nuclear weapons. America was angry with this nuclear mission of Iran. Due to the nuclear program, America had imposed many sanctions on Iran. Iran was preparing to conduct nuclear tests soon. Iran's nuclear development could become a big threat to America and Western countries. America and Western countries have generally supported Israel. America also openly supported Israel in the recent Israel-Palestine war. 

Recently, the tension between Israel and Iran has increased to such an extent that Iran attacked Israel with 350 drones and missiles. President Raisi made a big contribution to the decision of this attack. Not only this, he also kept openly threatening to destroy Israel. In such a situation, a conspiracy behind Raisi's murder cannot be ruled out. However, Israel is closely monitoring this incident and is refraining from commenting anything on this incident. No formal statement has come out yet.