Iran Vows Revenge for Raisi's Death: America's '7 Allies' to Face Consequences

Iran will take revenge for Raisi's death, America's '7 friends' will bear the consequences!

Iran is eager to avenge the death of its President Ibrahim Raisi. The Iranian government has not considered Raisi's death as a conspiracy, but there are intelligence reports that Iran is holding Israel responsible for this and it can take some major action against Israel.

Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Vladimir Putin and Ibrahim Raisi

Intelligence reports of many countries are expressing fear that a world war may erupt in Arabia after 100 hours. The reason for this is Iran's revenge plan after the death of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi. Black flags symbolizing mourning and vengeance have been placed on mosques in Iran. Along with this, Iran's acting President Mukhbar has talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the hotline.

After this conversation, tactical nuclear drills started in Russia. It is believed that Iran can simultaneously target 7 countries of the US camp in Arabia. The danger of this joint operation between Russia and Iran is increasing. Iran is in mourning after the death of President Ibrahim Raisi and Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian.

What do the supporters say?

Those supporters whose hands were raised in prayers before the news of his death came, now their hearts are filled with pain and their eyes filled with tears. A supporter of Raisi said that ever since he heard the news of the helicopter crash, he was worried about what would happen to us and our country if anything happened to him. Kept watching the news all night, and we were all shocked.

Another supporter said that we are sad that one of our heroes is gone who made Iran proud and bowed down to the enemies. Especially last month, we saw how the wealthy government embarrassed Israel and America and increased the stature of Iran. The supporters are bidding their last farewell to their heroes with tearful eyes. The funeral processions of Raisi and Abdullahian will be held at different places in Iran till Friday. There will be prayer meetings, both will be buried near the mausoleum of Imam Reza in Mashhad on Friday.

Acting President in action

Meanwhile, the command of the Iranian government has been handed over to Mohammad Mukhbar. Mohammad Mukhbar, who was the Vice President, has been made the acting President. Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri has been made the acting Foreign Minister. On May 20, Acting President Mohammad Mukhbar talked to military officials and various ministers throughout the day.

According to international media, Iran is preparing to take revenge for Raisi's plane crash. The proof of Iran's preparation for retaliation is that black flags are being hoisted on the domes of Iranian mosques. Now on Friday, Raisi's body will reach the mausoleum of Imam Reza, on that day the black flag will be hoisted there too, and Iranian revenge can begin by cremating Raisi on the same day.

Will Iran take action against Israel?

The Iranian government has not given any official statement on the crash and considered it a conspiracy, but there are intelligence reports that Iran is holding Israel responsible for this and it can take some major action against Israel. Iran's courage to take action against Israel has increased because the informant has the support of Putin. On May 20, Putin spoke to the acting presidential informant and said that the crash could not be considered a mere accident. It is believed that Putin is going to increase his dominance in Arabia in the name of the Raisi crash case.

Russia had also provided strategic support during Israel's attack on Iran on April 19 and now after Raisi's death, there is an opportunity for Putin to expand his foothold in Arabia through Iran, one of the biggest Arab powers. It is believed that at the behest of Putin, Iran is preparing for a big revenge against Israel.

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