Iran Presidential Election: After Raisi's death, history changed in Iran, a name came in the presidential race that no one would have thought of


Iran Presidential Election: For the first time in Iran, which has always been targeted by liberal organizations for women's rights, a woman can contest the presidential election. On Sunday, former MP Zohreh Ilahian registered herself for the post of President. If her candidature is approved, she will be Iran's first female candidate.

After the sudden death of Iran's President Ibrahim Raisi in a helicopter accident, fresh elections are now being held there. Elections are to be held on 28 June. According to Article 131, elections have to be held within 50 days after the death of the President. Many candidates have registered for the elections and this process is still going on. Zohreh Ilahian surprised everyone by filing her nomination for the presidential election on Sunday. She has presented the first female candidacy for this election.

If Zohreh Ilahian's name is passed by the Guardian of Council, she will be Iran's first female presidential candidate. Western countries have always criticized Iran for women's rights, Zohreh's contesting the election will also work to improve Iran's anti-women image to a great extent.

Zohreh Ilahian is influenced by fundamentalism

57-year-old Zohreh Ilahian is a physician and former MP. Apart from this, she has also been a member of the Foreign Policy Committee. Zohreh, who has a radical ideology, has been elected MP twice.

In a speech given after registration, Johri pledged to establish a good government, improve the country's economy, reform the society, and fight corruption. Like other fundamentalists, Ilahian is also a supporter of hijab for women and Sharia law in the country.

Will the Guardian of Council give permission?

In Iran, candidates for contesting the presidential election are selected by the 12-member Guardian of Council. This council is directly connected to the Supreme Leader of Iran and according to Iran's law, it is the responsibility of this council to select the Supreme Leader.

In history, the council has rejected the registration of female candidates. Iran's reformist politician and journalist Azam Taleghani registered for every presidential election from 1997 until she died in 2019. She is also seen as an 'Islamic feminist' in Iran. But Taleghani's candidacy was rejected by the Guardian Council every time.

Many names have come up for presidential candidacy?

So far, the names of many candidates have come out for Iran's 14th presidential election. Former Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati registered for the President on Friday. Among the former MPs and MPs, Ghodrat Ali Heshmatian, Abbas Moktadaei representing Isfahan, Mustafa Kavakebian, and Mohammad Reza Sabbaghian have registered.

Saeed Jalili, a member of the Expediency Council and three-time presidential candidate, has registered himself again. Emphasizing the need for visionary leadership, he said, "The president needs to think about taking the great country forward, not just basic day-to-day tasks. He said Iran is at an important historical juncture and ignoring this opportunity will hinder our progress.