Iran President Helicopter Crash: Israel under suspicion, but housebreaking could also be part of a conspiracy!


There was tension between Israel and Iran for a long time. Now after the helicopter crash, the needle of suspicion is turning towards Israel. The accident happened when Raisi was returning from Azerbaijan. This is the same country with which Iran was hostile till some time ago. Apart from this, some reasons in Iran's politics also point towards an internal conspiracy.

Whether the helicopter crash of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was a conspiracy or an accident remains a big question. The taking off of three helicopters from Azerbaijan, the safe landing of two and the sudden disappearance of one is a question to which even Iran's security agencies are not able to find the answer. Iran itself believes that if this is a murder then Israel may have a hand in it, however, some people in Iran are also believing that if this is a conspiracy then it may be that a house insider has hatched this conspiracy. Has been created.

Various claims are being made regarding the death of Ibrahim Raisi. At present it is being considered an accident, the cause of which is believed to be bad weather, although Iranian agencies are not ruling out any angle. She is also working in this direction to find out whether any international or internal conspiracy was hatched under the cover of bad weather. The way the incident of Raisi's helicopter crash happened has raised many questions. Now not only Iran but many countries of the world are trying to find answers to these questions.

Questions that point toward a conspiracy

International conspiracy: An international conspiracy is also being believed behind the death of the President of Iran, the logic behind this is that three helicopters were included in the convoy of Ibrahim Raisi, then how did only one helicopter become a victim of bad weather? It is also believed that Raisi was returning from Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan is the country where Mossad is strong. Apart from this, questions are also being raised on the maintenance of the chopper when there was VVIP movement, why was no attention paid to the maintenance of the chopper? Apart from this, a theory is also emerging that Iran was preparing for a nuclear test, hence America and Western countries were angry with it, and because of that a conspiracy was hatched against Raisi.

Internal conspiracy: Along with international conspiracy, internal conspiracy is also being considered Iran's politics is going through a different phase at this time, the son of Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei was considered to be Raisi's biggest rival. In such a situation, the question is also being raised whether the candidature of Khamenei's son cost Raisi's life. An Iranian journalist has also emphasized such possibilities by tweeting about this. It is also being argued by defense experts that after Raisi's death, Khamenei's son Mostaba is now the only candidate for the post of President. Another special thing is that Raisi was the only leader who challenged Khamenei's son.

Why is Israel being suspected?

There was tension between Israel and Iran for a long time, the helicopter crash happened when Raisi was returning from Azerbaijan, this is the same country with which Iran was hostile till some time ago, but now it was turning into friendship. The special thing is that Mossad has a strong presence in Azerbaijan. Defense expert Brigadier (Retd) DS Tripathi told TV9 that depending on the environment, this could be a conspiracy. Three helicopters take off, two land, and one in which the President is present crash lands. After all, if two helicopters reached safely then why did one crash? Secondly, why was Iran's entire leadership in the crash that happened? There are many such questions.

China expressed doubt on Israel

China has directly expressed suspicion of Israel over the death of Ibrahim Raisi. The report published in Global Times says that Israel may be involved in this accident. Former Ambassador Deepak Vohra believes that this could have been a result of the efforts Iran was making for a nuclear bomb. He says that Raisi had recently gone to Pakistan, and his basic reason was that he wanted to buy a nuclear bomb. America and Israel together have told that this is a trailer, they had been continuously saying that they will destroy Israel, and now Israel has given the message that look how we have destroyed it.

Conspiracy hatched on helipad!

Defense expert Major General Retired Sanjay Meston believes that there could be any reason behind the helicopter crash, Iran will not only investigate it, but China, Russia, and Turkey will also help. All options are possible. The internal situation is no less responsible. First of all, the VVIP movement is kept a top secret, but everyone already knew about the dam inauguration. When the helicopters were parked there, if a conspiracy was hatched then the tampering would have taken place there. Because the cause of the crash is believed to be more a technical problem than the weather. A security lapse has certainly occurred, where it occurred is a matter of investigation.

Mojtaba Khamenei

There are suspicions in Iran that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's son Mojtaba Khamenei is behind Raisi's death.

Iran's politics is also responsible

Professor AK Pasha, an expert in foreign affairs, says that if China is saying something about Israel, then it must have a reason for it. There is no doubt that Mossad is active in Iran, whether it is killing their nuclear scientists or attacking their nuclear power plant. Mossad has been doing all this with ease. Iran's relations with Azerbaijan had improved only a few months ago, Mossad is active in Azerbaijan, and it is possible that there was a conspiracy there to trap Raisi. It is also possible that Iran's politics is also responsible for this Raisi was seen as Khamenei's successor, while Khamenei's son was Raisi's big rival. Khamenei also wanted to see his son as his successor. In a recent survey also, the people of Iran had expressed confidence in Mojtaba. Although Raisi was pushing Iran's agenda, there were differences between Mojtaba and Raisi on many issues. That is why no possibility can be ruled out.

Image- Tv9