Iran israel war: Just waiting for Supreme Leader's permission... Iranian MP threatens nuclear test amid war


The war continues between Iran and Israel. Tension between the two countries increased on April 1. Israel attacked Iran's embassy in Syria's capital Damascus on this day. After this Iran retaliated. Meanwhile, a war of words is also going on. An Iranian MP has threatened a nuclear test.

Amidst the war with Israel, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi has arrived in Pakistan with several agendas including mobilizing Muslims. Meanwhile, an MP from Iran has made such an announcement which is going to give rise to many kinds of apprehensions, because this is a challenge not only to Israel but also to America. The Iranian MP said that if the Supreme Leader gives permission, we are just a week away from testing the nuclear bomb. The short deadline is not surprising, as the former head of Iran's nuclear agency said all the necessary technology is available.

This threat by the Iranian MP has come amid tension with Israel. A period of attack and counter-attack is going on in both countries. Tension between Iran and Israel increased on April 1. Israel attacked Syria's capital Damascus. 14 days later, Iran retaliated against Israel. Israel also responded to Iran's attack.

What is the basis of the threat?

Now understand that if the Iranian MP has said such a big thing regarding nuclear tests, then what is the basis for it? However, in 2015, Iran had a deal with China, France, Russia, Britain, Germany, and America to stop its nuclear program. But, in between, many such American reports came in which revelations were made on Iran's nuclear plan.

A report from America came in 2023. A satellite image was released in it. The claim was that this image was of Iran's nuclear facility running under the mountain and that if Iran wanted, it could make nuclear weapons in two weeks. Iran has succeeded in making 83.7 percent pure uranium, whereas it should be 90% pure uranium. That means, according to the report, it is not far from a nuclear weapon.

Iranian President on Pakistan visit

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi is on a visit to Pakistan. He met Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Monday. Both discussed ways to promote bilateral relations at political, economic, trade, and cultural levels. Apart from this, both countries agreed to make joint efforts to eradicate terrorism.

Sharif welcomed Raisi, the first head of state of any country to visit Pakistan after the general elections held on February 8, at the Prime Minister's House, where the Raisi leader was given a guard of honor. In the presence of Raisi and Sharif, Iranian and Pakistani officials signed eight MoUs to expand cooperation in various fields.

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