Iran is keeping an eye on Jordan and Saudi, Israel makes shocking allegations


During a meeting with former US generals and admirals, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Iran also wants to topple governments like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, he warned that after Israel, Iran will attack Europe and then America.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Iran has such a plan that will give sleepless nights to Arab Muslim countries. Benjamin Netanyahu warned former US generals and admirals that Iran is preparing to overthrow the governments of Gulf countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, he said that after Israel, Iran will also attack Europe and America.

In a meeting with a delegation sent by the Jewish National Security Institute (JINSA) of America, Netanyahu said that the ongoing 'Seven Front' conflict is being managed by Iran. He also said that Iran also wants to capture its neighbors like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Netanyahu said that their aim is to weaken Israel by attacking it from many sides. To stop this plan of Iran, first of all we have to deal with Iran's hand i.e. Hamas.

“Those who attack Israel will not be spared”

Speaking at the meeting at the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu said of the attacks by Iran proxies since October 7, “Those who are doing this to us will not survive where they are. We have to fight a long battle… I don’t think it will be that long, but we will get rid of it.”

Netanyahu stressed that we must think about stopping Iranian proxies present in the Middle East, he argued that Iran is moving to conquer the Middle East with the help of its proxies and its plan is to win over Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

“Europe and then America will be destroyed”

Netanyahu said that first Iran will attack the 'small devil' (the name given to Israel by Iran), then the 'middle devil' (Europe), after that Iran will move towards the 'big devil' (America) and capture it. He stressed that Iran is using its proxy axis for its big plan and it is very important for the world to stop it.

Talking about Iranian proxies present in the region, since the war started after October 7, the Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah present in Lebanon has been carrying out attacks on the Northern Border almost every day. At the same time, Iran-backed Yemeni Houthis present near the Red Sea are targeting ships associated with Israel. Iran-backed militias in Iraq and Syria have also attacked US military bases with drones and rockets. Western countries believe that the hardline Sunni group Hamas, which runs the government in Gaza, also has the support of Iran.

Let us tell you that Iran's special force IRGC carries out missions outside the country like helping militias, going to other countries and catching Iran's enemies and carrying out many intelligence operations. This force reports to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and countries like America and Britain have declared it a terrorist organization.