Iran: Four Pakistanis Killed By Iranian Forces!


Four Pakistanis Killed By Iranian Forces: Four Pakistanis were killed and two injured in firing by Iranian forces late Tuesday night in Pakistan's troubled southwestern province of Balochistan. Additional Deputy Commissioner Umar Jamali confirmed that the firing took place in Washuk District near the Pakistan-Iran border. Washuk Deputy Commissioner Naeem Umrani said an investigation would be conducted to find out the reasons for the firing.


This incident can once again derail the process of normalizing relations between the two countries. In January, relations between Iran and Pakistan became extremely tense. It seemed as if the two neighbors might get embroiled in a war.

Iran-Pak fired missiles at each other in January

Tensions arose when Tehran launched missile attacks on Pakistan's Balochistan region. In response, Pakistan launched missile and drone attacks in Iran's Sistan-o-Balochistan.

Relations between Iran and Pakistan have a history of ups and downs, but the missile attacks in January were the most serious incidents in years. Pakistan recalled its ambassador to Tehran, did not allow the Iranian ambassador to return to Islamabad, and canceled all high-level diplomatic and business engagements.

Islamabad said it attacked bases of the separatist Baloch Liberation Front and Baloch Liberation Army, while Tehran said it targeted militants from the Jaish al-Adl (JAA) group.

Efforts to normalize relations

In an effort to reduce tensions, both countries gave assurances that they would respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Both urged for enhanced security cooperation and return of ambassadors to their posts.

Former Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi visited Pakistan on a three-day official visit in April. The two Muslim neighbors are trying to improve relations after unprecedented tensions this year. Raisi's visit was seen as an important step towards normalizing relations with Islamabad.

Let us tell you that terrorist groups are active in Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan and Iran's southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province. Both regions are turbulent, mineral-rich, and largely underdeveloped.