Intelligence Chief of France and Russia made big claim in preparation to send their forces to Ukraine


Amidst the war with Ukraine, Russia's foreign intelligence chief has made a sensational claim. He claimed that France has completed preparations to send its 2000 soldiers to Ukraine. The French Army Chief also said that the French Army is preparing for the most serious war.

France is ready to send troops to Ukraine, with about 2,000 troops deployed in the first phase, according to Sergei Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) on Tuesday. Naryshkin revealed that France believes the number of dead French soldiers in Ukraine is now above psychological levels.

He accused the current French government of disregarding people's lives. Also stressed that SVR intelligence indicates that a contingent is already being prepared for deployment in Ukraine. In the initial phase it will have about 2,000 soldiers.

Naryshkin said publishing sensitive data could spark unrest among French citizens. France also admits that it has not experienced such a large military loss abroad since the Algerian War in the 20th century. The French army fears that it will not be able to quietly transfer such an important military unit to Ukraine.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that there would be no lasting peace in Ukraine until Kiev regains control of all the territories it lost to Russia, including Crimea. The French President also described Russia as France's rival, and also emphasized that France is only supporting Ukraine and is not waging a war against Russia.

Following the Ukraine summit in Paris on 26 February, Macron said that Western leaders had considered the idea of ​​deploying troops to Ukraine and that although no consensus had been reached, nothing could be ruled out.