Indian-origin expert claims: Next variant is going to be very deadly, the virus will fix the mistake in Omicron soon


A British expert of Indian origin has warned that the next variant of Covid could be extremely deadly. Ravindra Gupta, Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Diseases (CITIID), said Omicron's low severity looks like good news, while it is actually an evolutionary mistake in the virus's conformational change.


When this mistake is rectified naturally, the new variant of Covid can be scary. Gupta said after the study on Omicron, in fact, the cells that Omicron is infecting are very few in the lungs, which makes it not look that serious, whereas, in reality, its infection is not mild in any respect...

Pro. Gupta says it is generally believed that viruses become milder over time, but these are long-term evolutionary consequences. This phase has not come in the case of Covid. It is spreading fast. The virus does not intend to change biological behavior, just accidentally attacking cells that are scarce in the lungs. This may sound like good news at the moment, but newer variants can be dangerous, either one that can spread rapidly and make you seriously ill.


There is no protection even after infection, vaccine is mandatory
Infection with this variant should be understood as a natural vaccine, but it would be dangerous to give up efforts to stop the spread of infection, as it is only an assumption. He advised the British government that rapid, widespread vaccination is still the only concrete solution against Covid. Whereas we have a variant that is supposed to cause less severe disease, we should take advantage of it to vaccinate as many people as possible.