Indian Heroes! A bridge was collapsing in America, one message saved hundreds of lives


America's city of Baltimore, where a ship was sailing along the fast current of the Patapsco River. The speed of the ship was approximately 8 nautical miles per hour. In common language, nine millilitres per km. Suddenly there was a commotion among the crew. In front was the Francis Scott Bridge, also known as the Baltimore Bridge. The speed of the ship was so much that it was difficult to control. The crew had no choice. The ship collided with the bridge and within no time the bridge collapsed.

About 20 people fell into the river along with the bridge, and the cars running on the bridge also drowned in the river, the relief team was immediately activated and most of the people were saved. This was possible because of the SOS call that was sent by the ship's crew just minutes before it hit the bridge. There were 22 Indians in the crew that sent this message, who are being called Indian Heroes. The Governor of Maryland himself is calling this Indian crew as heroes who saved the lives of many people.

There was a crew of 22 Indians on the ship that demolished the Baltimore bridge, which was completely safe. This Singapore-flagged ship was hired and was named Dali. This ship collided with a pillar of the ship. The collision was so intense that the steel bridge collapsed within minutes. Synergy Marine Group, which manages the port, has confirmed that the crew is completely safe. The length of the bridge that collapsed was approximately 300 meters, which was constructed in 1977.

The Dali ship that hit the Baltimore bridge was manned by an Indian crew. The Governor of Maryland said that the speed of the ship was high and it was about to hit the bridge when some time ago the crew sent an SOS message, which helped in saving the lives of the people and the road traffic could be stopped. If this had not happened, there would have been more crowding on the bridge and many more lives could have been lost. Speaking to AFP, Governor Wes Moore said that these people are heroes who saved the lives of hundreds of people.

This accident happened in America at around 1.30 in the night. The Dali ship collided with the ship at 11 am Indian time. At the time of the accident, some cars were on the bridge and fell into the river. The relief team saved them. However, it is not yet clear why the ship collided with the bridge. It is being told that after the accident, the ship also caught fire and black smoke started coming out from the ship.

The ship which collided and collapsed the bridge is owned by Grace Ocean Pvt. Ltd., which was sailing from Colombo to Baltimore. The crew is being asked about how the accident happened. The American Coast Guard has also been informed about this. He is also busy investigating this matter.