India now speaks on Israel, which suffered a blow from the UN, and said a big thing for Palestine


Foreign Minister S Jaishankar has given a big statement on the Israel-Palestine issue during his visit to Malaysia. During an event in the capital Colombo, S Jaishankar took on Israel and expressed a strong reaction to the civilian loss caused by its attacks in Palestine. Speaking on the Israel-Palestine issue, the External Affairs Minister said that who is right and who is wrong in the entire dispute between Israel and Palestine is a different matter, but the fact is that Palestinians have been deprived of their rights and land.

However, Jaishankar has also described the Hamas attack on October 7 as a terrorist attack. But it was also stressed that Israel's accountability for its actions in Gaza should be fixed at the international level. Let us tell you that this statement of Jaishankar has come when recently a resolution has been passed in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), in which it has been said that there should be an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. America did not veto this proposal and abstained from voting. Israel has expressed displeasure with America on this.

S Jaishankar is on a visit to Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia. He has reached Malaysia after visiting the Philippines, where speaking at an event in Kollampur, he said, on the one hand, what happened on October 7 was terrorism. On the other hand, no one will tolerate the death of innocent civilians. Jaishankar further said, 'Countries may be right in reacting as they see fit, but you cannot have a response that does not take into account international humanitarian law. The fact is that Palestinians have been deprived of their rights and land.

After Hamas launched Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on Israel, Israel has been attacking Gaza for the last 5 months in response. Due to this a humanitarian crisis has arisen in Gaza. In these attacks, about 35 thousand civilians have died and about 75 percent of the structure of Gaza has been destroyed, due to which Palestinians have to depend on external help even for basic facilities like medicine, food etc. After closing the borders of Israel and Egypt, it is very difficult to deliver international aid to Gaza, due to which this crisis is deepening.