India did not bow to US pressure, what was India's message to the US regarding the S-400 missile - Expert View


After all, how deep are the relations between India and Russia? Will India-Russia relations be affected due to US pressure? What will be the effect of America on India-Russia relations? Is a new era of relations between the two countries beginning?

The relations between New Delhi and Moscow are once again being seen as the beginning of a new era with the news of the arrival of the Russian missile S-400 missile system in India. It is being said that India is giving a new direction to relations with its traditional military supplier-friendly countries. In the last decade, India has strengthened its military ties with countries like the US, France, and Israel. In such a situation, despite all the protests and threats from America, India did not stop the purchase of the Russian S-400 missile. In such a situation, the message goes that it is not going to bow down to any interference in India-Russia relations. After all, how deep are the relations between India and Russia? Will India-Russia relations be affected due to US pressure? What will be the impact of India-Russia relations on America? What is the opinion of Professor Harsh V Pant (Director Studies and Head of Strategic Studies Program at the Observer Research Foundation) on all these unexplored aspects?

How do you see the visit of Russian President Putin to India?

This visit of President Putin is taking place at a time when the border dispute between China and India is at its peak. Putin is coming to India without worrying about China. Especially when Russia and China have come close to each other against America. On the other hand, America has so far taken a tough stand against India regarding the Russian missile system. America and India have come closer to each other since the Cold War. After the formation of the Quad, America and India have come strategically close to each other. In all these international scenarios, Putin's visit to India is very important.

Do you see Russia-India relations as a new era?

1- Look, the international scenario in the world is changing very fast. It can be said that international politics is passing through a volatile phase. It has become more volatile after the increasing aggression of China and the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The interests of other countries of the world including America are changing rapidly. Due to this new dimensions of relations are being created in the world. Russian President Putin's visit to India can be seen as a link to this change.

2- A sign of Putin's visit to India is clear that he gives priority to friendship with India. He made it clear that there is no third factor between Indo-Russian friendship. Putin may not care what implications China will draw from this visit or how America will take it. India is important to them. His visit is taking place at a time when a group in America is strongly opposing India regarding the Russian missile.

How will Putin's visit affect America?

1- The visit of the Russian President will have deep pressure on America. America will not want to lose India under any circumstances. Today India is America's biggest need. That is why America would like that its relations with India remain the same. America knows that India is a very useful friend for China in dealing with its aggression. Apart from this, the democratic system that America calls for, in such a situation, India is an important democratic country in the world.

2- Secondly, at this time China remains the enemy number one of America. Russia does not have a conflict with America as much as it does with China. In such a situation, he would never want to confront India with Russia or impose any kind of sanctions on it. America remains soft on India. The latest example of this is the recent American Red List. The US recently named China and Pakistan in its red list, but India's name was missing in it. Pakistan had expressed its opposition to this list.

What is the message of Putin's visit?

There is another message from this visit of Putin. The Russian President has proved that his relationship with India is completely neutral. India's closeness with the US cannot affect its relations. However, India's concern had increased recently due to Russia's growing interest in Pakistan. With this, India also made it clear that its foreign policy is neutral. He does not incline any country. India is also independent in terms of its strategic security and strategic partnership. By starting the supply of the Russian S-400 missile, India has sent a message that it is completely independent in its external relations. This should not affect the relations between India and America. By doing this, America has given a message that India has included the S-400 missile system in its army for its strategic needs.