Imran Khan's pain about Biden, said - did not make a call after becoming President

Imran Khan's pain about Biden, said - did not make a call after becoming President

The relations between Pakistan and America have been at loggerheads since Biden became the President. Recently the Prime Minister of Pakistan has given an interview to CNN. During this, Imran Khan's pain was spread when US President Biden ignored Pakistan. On the question of US President Biden not calling, Imran said, 'He is a very busy person. He is so busy that he can't call. Joe Biden has spoken to many world leaders on the phone since becoming the President of America in January but has not called Imran yet.

The US used as a 'hire gun'

According to news agency ANI, Imran said on a question in the interview that America's war against terrorism was disastrous for Pakistan. The US used Pakistan as a 'hire gun' during the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Pak PM came out openly in support of the Taliban government

At the same time, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has come out openly in support of the recognition of the Taliban government of Afghanistan. He said that the international community should make contact with this new government. Gotta talk to him. Imran said in an interview to CNN on Wednesday, 'Talks with the Taliban are the best way towards peace and stability in Afghanistan. In this way, they can be encouraged on issues like women's rights and inclusive government. He also said that the world community should give time to the Taliban so that they can prove progress on their promises while forming a lawful government.

Let us tell you that after controlling almost all of Afghanistan, the Taliban also captured the capital Kabul on August 15. After this, an interim government was announced earlier this month, but 14 of those who have been inducted into the government have been declared terrorists by the UN Security Council. The Taliban had promised to form an inclusive government, but not a single woman has been given a place in the cabinet.