How the President of Turkey, who raised the flag of Islam all over the world, was surrounded by his people


For the last few years, Türkiye has been seen to be moving separately from Saudi Arabia on Muslim issues. The motive behind this seems to be to create a separate identity for oneself in the Muslim world. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is always trying to become the leader of the Muslim world. Be it the issue of Muslims in any corner of the world, Erdogan is among the first to raise his voice. But now his dream seems to be breaking. Erdogan, who has ruled Turkey for more than 20 years, seems to be weakening in his own country.

Erdogan's party AKP has faced a big defeat in the recent mayoral elections held in Turkey. Türkiye's opposition party has registered victory in many big cities of the country. Which means that Erdogan has started losing ground in Türkiye. Within a year of starting his third term as President of Turkey, he received a shock in big cities. Not only the defeat in the elections but after the Gaza war, his Muslim lover image has also been tarnished. Recently he has also been accused of selling arms to Israel.

Turkey's main opposition Republican People's Party has won its candidates in many big cities of Turkey. The Republican People's Party has won in 5 big cities including the capital of Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. After the election results, Imamoglu, a former businessman, said that those who do not understand the country's message will ultimately lose. Anger against the Turkish President is increasing in Türkiye itself. If the situation remains like this then Erdogan will not only lose the post of President of Turkey, let alone the leader of the Muslim world.

Recently, the #ErdoganArmsIsrael hashtag started trending on X, with this hash-tag people made many allegations against Turkey and Erdogan a report of Trending Economics has revealed that Turkey has given valuable weapons to Israel during the Gaza war. Exported about $319 million including metals, chemicals, nuclear reactor parts, aircraft parts, gunpowder, explosives, pesticides, arms and ammunition. As soon as this report came out, Erdogan's image all over the world changed from Muslim-friendly to anti-Muslim. However, the Turkish government has rejected all these claims. But the mayoral elections proved that Erdogan's bad days have begun.