How much is the price of the hotel room in which Joe Biden is staying, you will be shocked to know!


United States President Joe Biden has reached the national capital to attend the G20 summit and will be staying at the ITC Maurya Hotel, but do you know how much it costs to stay for a night in this luxurious hotel? 

According to reports, the room-only price ranges from Rs 7.5 to Rs 8 lakh per night, but during the off-season, you can avail of suites at ITC Maurya at a discounted rate of around Rs 5 lakh per night.

Biden will also hold bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday. Topics discussed at the summit include clean energy transition and climate change.


pc: The Economic Times

About the Chanakya Suite where Joe Biden will stay:

Chanakya Suite, which opened its doors in 2007, holds a unique distinction as the first luxury accommodation of its kind in the city. It soon became the leader in Delhi's hospitality sector and set a new benchmark. Notably, it became a favorite choice of Barack Obama during his visits as POTUS.

Named after the astute strategist of the Maurya Empire who played a key role in Chandragupta's rise to power, the Chanakya Suite seamlessly extends the ITC Maurya theme in its décor and design. Its guests of honor mainly include heads of state and prominent individuals in leading positions in global corporations.


pc: Times Now

Leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) major economies are set to gather in New Delhi to find solutions to urgent global challenges. However, their discussions take place against a backdrop of significant geopolitical tensions, particularly related to the conflict in Ukraine, which threaten to hinder progress on a variety of global issues.

India, which is holding the G20 presidency this year, has left no stone unturned in its preparations, using drones for surveillance around the national capital, decorating the city with graffiti, and installing massive langur cutouts to deter monkeys.