How did a 47-year-old bridge collapse in the blink of an eye in America's Baltimore?


The heart-wrenching accident that happened on Tuesday in Baltimore, America, has shocked everyone. The Baltimore Emergency Department received a call at 1:30 a.m. reporting a plane hitting the Francis Scott Key Bridge. After some time, the video of this accident started going viral on social media. It was seen in the video that as soon as the ship collided, this bridge built in 1977 collapsed like a pack of cards. Since the accident, investigating agencies have been trying to find out the reason behind this incident.

Some people have expressed apprehension that there could be a terrorist conspiracy behind this incident. But this has been denied by the officials in the initial investigation. The investigating agency is still studying what is the real reason behind the accident.

What is the reason for the accident?

In the statement given after the accident, the officials repeatedly said that in the initial investigation, no evidence had been found of any terrorist organization being behind this accident. It can be seen from the CCTV footage that the ship's lights were switched off before hitting the bridge, which suggests that the ship may be facing a power cut problem. According to a CNN report, Maryland Governor Wes Moore has claimed that the ship's crew had given emergency signals before hitting the bridge. After which the traffic going towards the bridge was stopped and another major accident was avoided.

Some experts say that the support system of the bridge is not properly protected to withstand the collision of such big ships.

there was a fault in the ship

After this accident, another shocking thing has come to light regarding the ship. According to the shipping information system Equasys, in June last year, inspectors noticed a fault in the ship's machinery, which was rectified. But in the recent investigation, no deficiency was found. Synergy Marine Group, the company operating the ship, said that all the crew members of the ship were safe in the accident.

Baltimore bridge

People also know this bridge by the name of 'Key Bridge'. It was opened to the general public in the year 1977, it is named after the American poet Francis Scott. Let us tell you that Francis Scott has written the American national anthem. This bridge is about 2.5 km long and connects the other end of the Patapsco River to the Port of Baltimore.

Six people had gone missing in this accident, for whom a continuous search was conducted. When the agencies did not succeed, all the people were considered dead. The 22-member crew of the ship that hit the bridge was all Indians, who were safe.