Highway in China becomes well of death, 18 vehicles stuck in ditch while moving, many deaths


A large part of the highway collapsed in China late last night, after which the news of death of about 19 people in this accident has come to light. At present, rescue workers have admitted 30 people to the hospital. The main reason for the collapse of this part of the highway is being said to be the heavy rains in the past few days.

A large part of the highway collapsed in China

At least 19 people died due to the collapse of a large section of a highway in South China on April 30. Pictures and videos of the incident released through local media are becoming very viral. The damage caused on the highway is clearly visible in these pictures and videos.

Around 2 am on April 30, several people died when a portion of a highway collapsed in an area in southern China. This incident happened in Meizhou city of Guangdong province, where a large part of the highway collapsed, resulting in the death of about 19 people traveling on this route. The local official of Mazhow city area says that there was a situation like heavy rain in this area just a few days ago. Rain is being considered the main reason for this incident. The vehicles fallen into the ditch can also be clearly seen in the pictures taken from the incident site.

18 vehicles fell down the slope

Talking about this accident in Meizhou city, an officer said in his statement that a 17.9 meter i.e. 58.7 feet long portion of the highway has collapsed, due to which about 18 vehicles fell down the slope. This incident happened at midnight. The people present there at that time told that he was traveling on this route at night, as soon as he passed this route, he heard a loud noise, when he looked back towards the spot, he saw a several meter wide hole on the highway. Saw the pit.

30 people admitted to hospital

In the videos and pictures released by the local media, smoke is visible along with fire due to the vehicles falling down at the spot. Rescue work is going on at the spot. At present, rescue workers have taken 30 people to the hospital. Looking down from the highway, vehicles burnt in the fire can also be seen. After this accident, there was a long jam on the entire highway.

Image- TV9