Heavy rains wreak havoc in Brazil, 37 people dead so far, 74 missing


The death toll from heavy rains in Brazil's southern state of Rio Grande do Sul rose to 37 on Friday night, while 74 people are still missing. Officials are calling it the worst disaster in its history. Let us tell you that Brazil's southern state Rio Grande do Sul is struggling with the devastating effects of heavy rains and landslides.

At present, the rescue operation is going on in full swing and the rescue workers are working hard to locate the people trapped amidst the debris of collapsed houses, bridges, and roads. Meanwhile, Governor Eduardo Leite has declared a state of emergency. He said that we are dealing with the worst disaster in our history. The Governor regretted that the death toll was expected to increase further.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva visited the state on Thursday to meet with local officials and express his solidarity. He wrote on social media platform X, our government will make every possible effort to meet the needs of the people affected by this rain. The agency said that due to the rain, more than 10,000 people had to leave their homes. The rains that started on Monday are expected to continue.

speed up relief work

Federal assistance has already been mobilized by deploying 12 aircraft, 45 vehicles, and 12 boats along with 626 troops to assist in rescue and relief operations. The focus has been on clearing roads, distributing essential supplies like food, water, and mattresses, and setting up shelters for displaced persons.

Danger warning issued

A warning of danger has also been issued because the state's main river Guaiba is expected to reach dangerous levels, which will further increase the existing crisis. Entire communities have been cut off, with incessant rains causing serious damage to infrastructure. Officials have urged residents to evacuate from at-risk areas near rivers and hills prone to landslides. Let us tell you that devastating floods and landslides are part of the pattern of weather events occurring in the largest country of South America.