Has Putin become weak while fighting wars? 2 terrorist attacks in four months after becoming President for the fifth time


Putin won the presidential election for the fifth time on March 17 and on March 22, Moscow's famous concert hall Crocus City was attacked and now there has been a terrorist attack in Dagestan. The way two major terrorist incidents have taken place in Russia in four months after Putin became president for the fifth time, it seems as if Putin has become weak due to fighting wars?

Russian President Putin

There have been two major terrorist attacks in Russia in the last four months. On March 22, there was an attack on Crocus City Hall in Moscow, while on June 24, there were terrorist attacks on two cities of Dagestan. A large number of people were killed in both the attacks. 145 people were killed in the Crocus City attack while more than 500 people were injured. So far 17 people have died in the Dagestan terrorist attack while more than 25 people were injured. In such a situation, the biggest question is whether Russian President Vladimir Putin has become weak while fighting the war?

Two major terrorist incidents in Russia in four months

The way two major terrorist incidents have happened in Russia in four months after Putin became the President for the fifth time, it seems that Putin is not able to handle things that way. The way and the large scale of the terrorist operation that has taken place in Dagestan, it seems that the terrorist organizations in Dagestan must have got some support from outside. Putin has been facing a war with Ukraine for the last two and a half years. The war that started on 22 February 2022 is still going on. In this war of so many days, thousands of people have died in both the countries while the number of injured is very high.

Putin's image takes a hit due to the Ukraine war

Ukraine has suffered more losses in the war than Russia, despite this Ukraine has not yet accepted defeat and is standing firm in this war. Putin's image in the world has also been tarnished due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Many countries of the world, especially Western countries, have imposed various types of sanctions on Russia. Due to the war with Ukraine, relations between the West and Russia are at their worst level. Amidst the ongoing war with Ukraine, Putin won the presidential election for the fifth time on 17 March 2024. He got 87% votes. After this victory, he immediately warned NATO. He had said that if there is a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO, then it will be the first step towards the Third World War.

However, a few days later, he said that Russia has no plans to attack any NATO country, but he warned that if F-16 fighter jets fly combat flights in Ukraine, Moscow's army can target NATO bases. Actually, NATO countries are continuously supporting Ukraine in this war and have been doing this support since the beginning of the war. NATO countries are providing weapons to Ukraine on a large scale. If anyone supports Ukraine the most in NATO countries, it is America.

The US has continuously provided humanitarian, economic and military aid to Ukraine. It is also true that Ukraine has survived this war only because of NATO. Neither Putin has won nor Zelensky has lost this war so far, despite this the war continues and it is difficult to say how long this war will continue. Perhaps even Putin did not anticipate that the war which was to end in a few months would last so long. But war is war and Putin says that he wants to win this war at all costs but Zelensky is also not ready to accept defeat.

Two terrorist attacks after Putin became president

Putin has been in power in Russia for 24 years. He won the first presidential election in 2000. He got 53 percent votes. On March 17, he won the Russian presidential election for the fifth time. He started working on May 7. Putin won the election on March 17 and on March 22, Moscow's famous concert hall Crocus City was attacked. Suddenly four or five terrorists entered the concert hall and started firing indiscriminately.

Gunmen in the concert hall fired at the people who had come to the concert with automatic weapons and then set the hall on fire, after which the fire spread rapidly throughout the complex. Hundreds of people were killed in this attack. Islamic State had taken responsibility for the attack. Along with this, it also claimed through the Telegram channel that after carrying out the attack, its terrorists have returned to their hideouts. Four months after this attack, another attack took place in Dagestan, Russia.