Harsh Measures Against Indians in Cambodia: Why Were 300 People Arrested?

Strong action against Indians in Cambodia, why were 300 people arrested?

There has been a big action against Indians in Cambodia. 300 Indians have been arrested here. They had rebelled against their handlers on May 20, due to which most of them have been arrested.

300 Indians have been arrested in Cambodia. These were brought to Cambodia illegally. Most of these are said to be from Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh Police says that 300 Indians who were taken illegally to Cambodia had rebelled against their handlers on May 20, due to which most of them have been arrested.

A similar case of human trafficking recently came to light from Russia. However, in this, those accused were arrested who had illegally sent Indians to Russia. Four people were arrested on charges of luring youth to Russia with promises of lucrative jobs or university admission and forcing them to fight in the war in Ukraine.

This arrest took place in Delhi. The accused were identified as Arun and Yesudas Jr., residents of Kerala. Using social media platforms, smugglers trapped Indian youth by luring them with jobs in Russia with good salary packages.

What information did the police give?

On the other hand, talking about the Cambodian case, the police said that 150 of these people are residents of Visakhapatnam and have been stranded in Cambodia for the last year, where they are being forced by Chinese operators to commit cyber crimes and Ponzi scams. Used to be.

Visakhapatnam Police Commissioner A. Ravi Shankar said, many people contacted Visakhapatnam Police through WhatsApp and sent videos. About 300 Indians rebelled against their handlers in Cambodia. On May 18, Visakhapatnam Police arrested Chukka Rajesh, S. Kondal Rao, and M. Dnyaneshwar Rao on charges of human trafficking. The arrested accused used to lure youth in India to get data entry jobs in Singapore, but sent them to Cambodia to commit cyber crimes.

Police said that after reaching Cambodia, the youth were held captive by Chinese handlers, tortured, and forced to commit game fraud, stock market fraud, and other crimes.

Visakhapatnam Police contacted the Ministry of External Affairs and related departments to assist and bring back the stranded people as most of them have been sent to jail after Monday's rebellion. According to Visakhapatnam Joint Police Commissioner Fakkarappa Kaginelli, around 5,000 people from across the country have been sent to Cambodia through various agents.