Hamas enraged by Israel's 'precise operation' in Gaza, warns on talks


Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital has once again been shaken by an Israeli attack. After this, the talks about ceasefire are once again in danger of failure. The Israeli army said in a statement that it was carrying out a "precise operation" at a medical facility in Gaza. After this attack by the Israeli army, Hamas's political chief Ismail Haniyeh warned that Israel is trying to sabotage the talks for ceasefire.

He further said, we will not make any ceasefire deal without maintaining the demands of the Palestinian people. The Gaza Health Ministry said in a statement that about 30,000 people, including displaced civilians, injured patients and hospital staff, were trapped in the al-Shifa compound. The Israeli army has claimed that Hamas fighters have regrouped inside Al-Shifa Hospital and are using the hospital premises to give commands for attacks on Israel.

Haniyeh, reacting to the Israeli action, said that this step of Israel shows that they do not want to allow the life of the people of Gaza to return to normal. This attack shows the Zionists' intention to destroy the basic needs of Gazans. He further said, the deliberate targeting of police officers and government officials in Gaza reflects Israel's efforts to spread chaos and perpetuate violence among our people.

The peace talks held before the month of Ramadan did not yield any results. Despite efforts by America, Qatar and Egypt, no consensus was reached among Hamas and Israel. Once again the Israeli delegation reached Qatar on Monday for a ceasefire and the release of hostages. Israel's attack on Al-Shifa may have a negative impact on these talks, because Hamas has been saying from the beginning that it will not make any deal by compromising the sovereignty of the people of Gaza.