Hamas agreed to the peace proposal, yet why did Israel attack in Rafah?


Gaza Truce: Even after Hamas accepted the Gaza ceasefire proposal, the attacks in Gaza have not stopped. After accepting the proposal, Israel said that the proposal to which Hamas has agreed is a 'soft' proposal.

After 7 months of war, on Monday Hamas announced that it has accepted Israel's ceasefire proposal. Hamas said that it is now waiting for Israel's response. After Hamas's announcement, everyone felt that the bloodshed in Gaza would stop but the opposite happened. Instead of peace, Israel carried out attacks in Rafah.

Hamas has accepted the proposal but Israel does not agree with it. According to CNN, Israel has said that the proposal to which Hamas has agreed is a 'soft' proposal, that is, Hamas aims to show the international community that it has accepted the ceasefire proposal.

What was in Israel's proposal?

The proposal made by Israel regarding the ceasefire included the release of hostages and release of Palestinian prisoners, delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and withdrawal of its troops from South Gaza and Central Gaza. Many Palestine supporters objected to this proposal as it did not include a complete ceasefire and complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

Talks will continue

CNN quoted sources as saying that the mediators have again started discussing the obstacles to the proposal accepted by Hamas, to which Israel has not agreed. Qatar's Foreign Ministry announced that they are sending a delegation to Egypt's capital Cairo. Officials from Israel are also going to Cairo. But at the same time, they have indicated to continue their attacks in Rafah.

How will the ceasefire happen?

The Hamas-ruled ceasefire will have four phases, each phase lasting 42 days. Which includes the release of Israeli hostages, the return of Gaza citizens to their homes, and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

In the first phase, the war between Hamas and Israel will be temporarily stopped and Israel will withdraw its forces from South Gaza, where Gaza is most densely populated. Whereas Hamas will release 33 hostages which will include women, boys below 19 years of age, and hostages above 50 years of age. Apart from this, Israeli planes will not fly over Gaza for 10 to 12 hours every day. Also, during the ceasefire, the Israeli army will open the way for Palestinians to return to their homes and will not create any obstacles. The next three phases will also be similar.

1 Israeli hostage worth 30 Palestinian prisoners

Israel will release 30 Palestinian prisoners from its jails in exchange for releasing each hostage. For female hostages, this number has been kept at 50 Palestinian prisoners instead of one.

Attacks begin in Rafah

Israel has asked about one lakh population living on the way to Rafah to vacate the way. According to reports, gunfire and air strikes were also carried out on Rafah on Monday night. Rafah is the most densely populated area of ​​Gaza. About 5 people are reported to have died in the strike that took place in Rafah on Monday.

America's warning regarding the attack on Rafa

Israel has shown commitment to continuing the invasion of Rafah to defeat Hamas in its 'last base'. On which America has warned Israel.

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