Haiti under the control of criminals, 90 Indian citizens trapped, Ministry of External Affairs busy in evacuation


The Caribbean country is considering evacuating 90 of its citizens in view of the deteriorating law and order situation in Haiti. External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal said that 75 to 90 Indians are present in Haiti, of which about 60 have registered with Indian authorities to return to India if needed. The Caribbean nation of Haiti is under the control of criminals. Haiti's capital and other areas have been taken over by criminal gangs. 90 Indian citizens stranded in Haiti are ready to be evacuated after the deterioration in the security situation.

With Haiti's government structures and social system on the brink of collapse, embattled Prime Minister Ariel Henry has offered to step down. Meanwhile, the Caribbean Community and the Common Market have started negotiations for the establishment of a Governing Council.

External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal told a regular media briefing that there are 75 to 90 Indians in Haiti and about 60 of them have registered with Indian authorities to "come back if needed." “Ready to take out.”

The Indian side has contacted more than 30 nuns from the Missionaries of Charity, a Kolkata-based organization founded by Mother Teresa, who are in Haiti, although it is still unclear whether all of them will choose to return.

Efforts to rescue Indians stranded in Haiti

India does not have an embassy in Haiti and the situation in the country is being monitored by the Indian Mission in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, and the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

The Indian Embassy in Santo Domingo, which is also accredited to Haiti, is in touch with all Indians in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and other parts of the country.

A proposal to establish a transitional council has run into trouble due to infighting between Haitian politicians and parties. Leaders of CARICOM states revealed the plan to create the council on Monday after a meeting in Jamaica, which was attended by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Haiti's Prime Minister Henry has promised to step down as soon as the council is established.

Large number of people died in attack in Haiti

This transitional arrangement is expected to pave the way for a peaceful transition of power, an action plan to restore security, and the holding of free and fair elections.

On February 29, criminal gangs attacked Haiti's state institutions, police stations, the international airport, and two largest prisons, freeing more than 4,000 prisoners. A large number of people were killed in the attacks and more than 15,000 people were made homeless.

According to the website of the Indian Embassy in the Dominican Republic, the Indian community in Haiti has about 100 members. These include professionals like doctors, engineers, technicians and many missionaries.