Going to jail is a matter of pride…What happened when Donald Trump got angry at the judge?


Adult star Stormy Daniels had come to the court to testify against former US President Donald Trump. Stormy Daniels has made many serious allegations against Trump. After the hearing, Trump declared himself innocent and raised many questions on the judge. Apart from this, he also rejected the allegations of former lawyer Michael Cohen, the key witness in the criminal case going on against him. After the hearing he said that I was being implicated, the allegations against me were false, and these people want to put me in jail.

While talking to the media, Trump held the press articles in his hand and said that he wanted to show this to the media, but he was not allowed to do so. Speaking on the ban imposed by the judge, Trump said, “I am not allowed to do this, because if I say anything against some people, and you know who those people are, they will put me in jail.

Trump has also accused Judge Marchan of a one-sided hearing. Trump said, “They want to put me in jail. “I would be very proud to go to jail for our Constitution because what he is doing is very unconstitutional.”

On Wednesday, Stormy Daniels reached the court to testify in the sexual assault case, where she said that Trump had sex with her without protection and also paid her not to tell anyone about it. He said that his first meeting with Trump was during a golf tournament in 2006. After which his closeness with Trump increased. He also said that Trump was married at that time and when asked about his wife, he said that they live separately. Let us tell you that in this case, the court has already imposed a fine of 10 thousand dollars on former President Trump.