Gaza War: Is the Israel-Hamas war going to stop? G-7 countries support Biden's Gaza peace plan


Israel-Hamas War: The G7, a group of developed countries, said on Monday that it stands behind the Gaza peace deal backed by US President Joe Biden. The group issued a statement appealing to Hamas to accept it. The G7 includes the United States, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


According to AFP, the statement said, 'We, the leaders of the Group of Seven (G7), fully support the ceasefire plan, which will lead to an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the release of all hostages, a significant and sustained increase in humanitarian aid for distribution in Gaza, and a permanent end to the crisis, while ensuring the protection of Israel's security interests and the civilians of Gaza.'

It further said, 'We urge Hamas to accept the agreement that Israel is prepared to move forward with, and we urge countries with influence over Hamas to help ensure that Hamas does so.'

Support for a two-state solution

According to Reuters, Italy reaffirmed its support for a "credible path to peace leading to a two-state solution". Italy will hold the presidency of the G-7 until 2024.

Biden on Friday proposed a

three-step ceasefire proposal that aims to end the conflict, release all hostages, and rebuild the Palestinian territory without Hamas' power. Biden on Friday presented it as an Israeli initiative.

According to Reuters, Hamas's initial response to the proposal was positive. An aide to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on Sunday that Israel has accepted the framework agreement to end the Gaza war, although he called it flawed and said more work is needed on it.

Let us tell you that on 7 October last year, Hamas carried out a major attack on Israel in which about 1200 people were killed. The Palestinian group had taken more than 200 people hostage. After this, Israel declared war against Hamas and started attacks on Gaza under its control. More than 36,000 people have been killed in Israeli attacks so far.