Gaza War: China burst such a rocket while sitting in Beijing that increased the strength of Palestine


Gaza War: Palestine's two rivals have come together to fight Palestine's war together. China's Foreign Ministry said that Fatah and Hamas have met in the capital Beijing. Both these organizations maintain their respective powers in Palestine, but now their coming together on one platform will change the situation there.

Fatah and Hamas leader/AFP

China's Foreign Ministry has said in a recent statement that Palestine's two rival organizations Hamas and Fatah have met in the capital Beijing to resolve their mutual differences. China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian informed on Tuesday that the delegation of PLO and the Islamic Resistance Movement has met in China.

Lin Jian said that both organizations have agreed to resolve their differences through dialogue and diplomatic routes. Apart from this, there was a discussion in this meeting about achieving an independent Palestine nation and running the government in it. However, the statement did not mention when the two parties met.

Hamas and Fatah

Fatah (PLO) runs a limited government in the West Bank. Palestine's Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas comes from the Fatah organization. Gaza, situated on the sea coast, is ruled by Hamas. After Fatah's defeat in the 2006 Gaza elections, Hamas formed its government in Gaza. Since then, Hamas's rule has continued in Gaza till date.

There has been a decades-long conflict between Hamas and Fatah over running the government and representing the people. Both Hamas and Fatah talk about fighting for the interests of Palestine. But Hamas has always been fighting the fight for independence aggressively, while Fatah advocates raising the voice of the Palestinian people through diplomatic means and without force conflict. The UN considers Fatah (PLO) as the sole representative of the Palestinian people and its representatives represent Palestine in UN assemblies and meetings.

Why was the meeting held in China?

China's involvement in this dispute is a new thing, but China has historically been sympathetic to Palestine and has been a supporter of the two-state formula to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Since the beginning of the six-month-long war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Beijing has been calling for an immediate ceasefire.