Garcetti will be the new US ambassador to India: Senate committee will confirm today, Kenneth Juster will be replaced


US President Joe Biden has appointed Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti as the new ambassador to India. The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee will confirm his appointment on January 12. If approved by the Senate, 50-year-old Garcetti will replace current US ambassador Kenneth Juster.

Accepting this responsibility, Garcetti is pleased to be appointed Ambassador to India. On January 12 at 9 a.m. US time, a Senate committee will vote on a proposal for his appointment. Garcetti's name was proposed by President Biden on Friday. Garcetti, 50, will succeed the current ambassador, Kenneth Juster, after approval from the Senate, the upper house of the US parliament.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted, "President Joe Biden has nominated me to serve as the US Ambassador to India. I am extremely honored to accept this appointment.

Garcetti has been the mayor of Los Angeles since 2013.
Kenneth Juster was appointed as the US Ambassador to India during the tenure of former US President Donald Trump. The White House announced the nomination of Garcetti along with several other ambassadors. Garcetti has been the mayor of Los Angeles since 2013. He is also handling the responsibility of the Los Angeles Metro. They also handle the C40 organization. It includes the 97 largest cities in the world. This organization does climate related work.