Gangster turned FBI agent from Pakistani, America is now sending him back to Karachi


A decision has been taken to send Agent Kamran Faridi back to Pakistan on charges of threatening his colleagues in the FBI. Faridi, who was in Florida jail for four years, has been released on the condition that he will send himself to Pakistan before August this year.

Kamran Faridi, a former high-profile agent of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI, has been released from Florida jail after spending almost four years. The agent has been released on the condition that he will send himself to Pakistan before August this year. According to the court order, District Judge Kathy Seibel of the Southern District of New York has ordered Faridi's release on a reduced prison sentence of 72 months from the original sentence of 84 months.

Kamran Faridi was once a high-flying spy operator, who was once a street gangster in Karachi. But it is believed that despite his release, Faridi's problems will not reduce. The US government has not only revoked his citizenship but also canceled his two residence permits in the UAE and Turkey.

What were the allegations?

Faridi was jailed in Westchester, New York on December 9, 2022, for threatening three former FBI colleagues. Faridi's profile and his role in the arrest of Karachi-based businessman Jabir Motiwala in London on August 16, 2018, were first exposed by this reporter. That was so that comprehensive light could be thrown on how a criminal from Karachi became an FBI agent.

Intentions revealed by tapping the phone

Let us tell you that it was Faridi who led the US law enforcement conspiracy in Karachi and New York to implicate Motiwala during several meetings between 2009-2013. The FBI became aware of Faridi's intentions after listening to wire-tapped phone conversations between Motiwala and his London lawyers. In London, he was arrested on March 3, 2020, before he could come out, and the same evening he was shackled and deported back to the US with an FBI escort.

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