From Muslim countries to the US… what is the law on abortion, what is the situation in India?


There is a campaign going on all over the world regarding abortion. Some countries are allowing abortion with some conditions, while some countries have still banned it. In India, about 8 women die every day due to abortion.

Women are very happy about pregnancy, but sometimes this pregnancy becomes a dark chapter for them. Sometimes their own life comes in danger, due to which women resort to abortion but every country has different laws regarding abortion. In some countries abortion has been banned, while in some places there is a campaign to make it legal. There is a debate going on all over the world regarding abortion. Let's talk about the situation of abortion in India, what does the law say about it? Along with this, let's know the dark chapter of abortion, where women are forced to get abortion and what is the effect of abortion on their body.

There is also concession regarding abortion in UAE

For the first time, concessions have been given regarding abortion in the Muslim country UAE. Recently, the abortion law was relaxed in the UAE, due to which abortion is now allowed in cases of rape and physical relations between blood relatives. However, Tunisia is the first Muslim country to allow abortion to women. In the year 1973, this country allowed abortion to women.

Abortion banned in US, right in France

While abortion is banned in America, it is allowed in France. America has banned abortion in 14 cities. However, every city has different conditions, in some cities abortion is allowed with some conditions and in some with some. On the other hand, France has included the right to abortion in its constitution after listening to the voice of women.

What does the WHO report say?

According to the report of WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION dated 17 May 2024, around 73 million abortions take place worldwide every year, of which six out of 10 (61%) abortions are due to unwanted pregnancy and 3 out of 10 (29%) abortions are done by pressurizing the woman. Talking about India, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare presented a report in the Rajya Sabha on 14 March 2023, according to which, 11 lakh 44 thousand 634 abortion cases were reported in the states and union territories in the last financial year.

Abortion is a medical facility

Abortion can be seen in two forms, one is a medical facility and the other is a dark chapter. Abortion has emerged as a medical facility over time, due to which a woman's life can be saved by abortion if her life is in danger. On the other hand, the crime rate in India has increased significantly. According to the data of India's National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in 2022, an average of about 90 rape cases were registered per day in India. Abortion is like a boon if a woman gets pregnant due to crime.

Even today in India, women get pregnant against their will, due to which they do not want unwanted pregnancy. On which one side argues that it is the woman's right to decide whether she wants to give birth to a child or not, due to which abortion proves to be a convenience for the woman.

The dark chapter of abortion

Abortion has its own dark chapter, sometimes it becomes a problem. The number of women dying due to abortion has increased in India. According to the World Population Report 2022 of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), unsafe abortion has emerged as the third biggest cause of maternal mortality in India, due to which about 8 women die every day due to unsafe abortion. Between 2007 and 2011, 67 percent of abortions in India were reported to be unsafe.

Reasons for Abortion

While crime is emerging as a major reason for abortion, on the other hand, unwanted pregnancy is also a major reason for abortion. In 2023, the Government of India presented a report which revealed that from 2015 to 2019, about 4.5 crore pregnancies occurred annually. Out of these, about 2.5 crore were unwanted pregnancies, due to which about 1.5 crore abortions took place. The rate of abortion has increased due to unwanted pregnancies.

When does abortion become a crime?

Sometimes something happens during pregnancy which endangers the life of the woman, due to which abortion becomes necessary. Similarly, abortion becomes a crime when abortion is done after finding out the gender of the child and it is a girl. However, in India, finding out the gender of the child before birth is a legal crime. But before declaring it a crime, it had emerged as the biggest reason for abortion in the country, in which the woman was made to have an abortion without her consent.

Laws on Abortion in India

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 (MTP Act) allows abortions in certain circumstances. Up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, abortion is permitted on the advice of a doctor. Section 3B of the rules under the MTP Act lays down seven categories of forced pregnancy, including statutory rape or sexual assault in the case of minors; women with disabilities; or when the woman’s marital status changes during pregnancy. After 24 weeks of pregnancy, the law requires a medical board to be set up to decide whether abortion is justified or not and can either grant or refuse abortion.

The impact of abortion on women's health

According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS), one-fourth (27%) of all abortions in India are done by women themselves at home by taking abortion pills. According to a WHO report, in 2012, it was revealed that in developing countries alone, 7 million women had to be taken to the hospital every year due to unsafe abortion. Due to unsafe abortion, taking medicine at home can cause many problems and can also have many bad effects on health.

Incomplete Abortion

The sooner the abortion medicine is taken after pregnancy, the sooner it works. Sometimes, if the medicine is taken after 12 weeks of pregnancy, the abortion medicine does not work completely and the pregnancy tissue remains in the body. Due to which the abortion is not complete and it poses a great risk to both the child and the mother. Some people bleed a lot during abortion.

There is also a fear of infection. Along with this, while abortion causes physical problems to a woman, many times abortion also affects her mental state. That is why it is important that when abortion is done, attention should be paid to safe abortion so that all these things can be avoided.