French President, terrified of defeat in European Union elections, dissolved the Parliament… announced to hold parliamentary elections


The President of France has suddenly dissolved the National Assembly. He has taken this decision after the defeat in the European Union elections. In his address, Macron said that I want to give an option to the people of the country.

French President Emmanuel Macron

After the crushing defeat in the European Union elections, French President Emmanuel Macron suddenly announced the dissolution of the Parliament on Sunday. In his address to the nation, he also announced parliamentary elections at the end of this month. After dissolving the Parliament, Macron said that the next elections in the country will be held in two phases on 30 and 7 July.

In the recently held European Union elections, Macron's rival Marine Le Pen's party National Rally registered a big victory. Disappointed with the exit polls of the Union elections, Macron said that these results are not good for the parties that protect Europe.

What did Macron say in his address?

Earlier, National Rally leader Jordan Bardella had demanded parliamentary elections in the country. Speaking on state television, Macron said, 'I have heard your message and I cannot let it go without responding. France needs a clear majority to work in peace and harmony. I cannot act as if nothing has happened, I have decided to give you a chance to hold elections, so I am dissolving the National Assembly tonight.'

Expressed confidence in the people of France

In his address, Macron expressed confidence that the people of France will make better decisions for the coming generations and will choose a good government. He also spoke about the influence of the European Union and the growing right-wing parties in the country and said that right-wing parties are growing everywhere in Europe. I cannot associate myself with such a situation, so I have decided to dissolve the assembly and give you an option.

Macron's party lagged behind

According to the exit polls of the European elections, the National Rally (RN) led by 28-year-old Jordan Bardel has got around 32 percent votes. Whereas Macron's Renaissance Party has got less than half of this, around 14 percent votes.

European union elections

The European Union is a political and economic union of 27 European countries. It has a parliament whose representatives are directly elected by European citizens. Its job is to maintain the democratic legitimacy of European law. The union is made up of representatives of the citizens, who once elected, represent for five years.