French President Emmanuel Macron has now given this big statement regarding Israel's attacks on Gaza.


A big statement has come from French President Emmanuel Macron amid the ongoing attacks by Israel on the Gaza Strip. He has given a big statement regarding Israel's attacks on Gaza Strip. He said that these attacks have no reason or validity and should be stopped.

French President Emmanuel Macron had earlier also stressed the need to economically support Middle East countries to prevent them from getting involved in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

According to reports, Macron now said that in fact today women, these old people are being bombed and killed. There is no reason for this and no validity. That's why we urge Israel to stop it. 

It is noteworthy that so far more than 10,500 people have died in Gaza Strip due to Israeli attacks. At the same time, about 1,400 people have died in Israel due to Hamas. 

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