Foro-One accident and death of Indians… Has Canada become a base for extremist policies?


Karanpreet Singh, Kamalpreet Singh, and Karan Brar were caught in the murder of Khalistani separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Regarding their arrest, Canadian police said that we are finding out whether these three have any connection with any agency of the Indian government or not.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is creating problems for India with his statements and actions. Accusing Canada of this, he has said that Canada is giving visas to declared criminals in India. The result is that these absconding criminals shoot each other in Canada and commit murders and Canada blames India for these murders.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's statement on the arrest of three Indians by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar was that Canada is a country with a strong justice system. The Sikh community here has been feeling unsafe for the last few days. But we will not allow any negligence and all the criminals will be caught. The Indian government was the target of his harsh remarks.

The picture of allegations against India is not clear yet

On May 3, RCMP arrested Karanpreet Singh, Kamalpreet Singh, and Karan Brar in the murder of Khalistani separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Among the three, Karan Preet is 28 years old and Kamalpreet and Karan Brar are 22-22 years old. Hardeep Singh Nijjar was murdered on June 18 last year near the Gurudwara in Surrey near Vancouver city of Canada. RCMP has said, we are finding out whether these three have any connection with any agency of the Government of India or not. This means that even the Canadian police do not strongly agree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's allegation that the Indian government has a hand in the Najjar murder case. RCMP Chief Mandeep Mukar has said that it would be wrong to make any allegations without proper investigation, but we will soon catch the perpetrators of this incident.

Crack in India-Canada relations

On the other hand, Justin Trudeau is adamant that the needle of suspicion in this murder case points towards India. He reiterated this in a meeting on Sikh heritage (Khalsa Day) in Toronto. It is known that a week after returning to Ottawa from the G20 Delhi meeting, he had said in the country's Parliament on September 18 that the investigating agencies suspect the involvement of the Indian government in the murder of Nijjar, hence the police are investigating in that direction. Even then India had objected to Trudeau's statement. And also gave a strong protest. India's Foreign Ministry has again cornered Trudeau. Ministry spokesperson Randhir Jaiswal has said that this comment of the Canadian Prime Minister reflects separatism, terrorism, and violence in Canadian politics. He has said that these comments of Prime Minister Trudeau affect India-Canada relations.

Trudeau has become a victim of the NDP's extremist policies

There is no doubt that such statements of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promote separatism in India but also create tension among Indians settled in Canada. This encourages violence between the two communities of Indians there. They also do this because the extremist party NDP, which is running their minority government, has 24 MPs. Jagmeet Singh, the head of this New Democratic Party, himself promotes Sikh extremism. In the last election, Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party won 158 MPs in the 338-seat Canadian Parliament. While 170 MPs were needed to form the government, Trudeau joined hands with Jagmeet Singh. This is why Trudeau has to decide his agenda at the behest of this party.

Acts that make Sikhs uncomfortable

There are governments of liberal parties in both Canada and America. Liberal Party in Canada and the Democratic Party in America. Both follow the same ideology. The governments of both want to keep Asian countries in their fold. With the rapid progress China is making, India is very useful for them. It is convenient for them to create instability in the Indian government and accuse it of being anti-democratic. Since the Narendra Modi government of India is considered to be anti-Hindu and anti-minority, it is very naive to call the Sikh community insecure about India. And they have been doing this not just today but for the last 40 years. That's why Trudeau is working to ignite this spark. But the Sikhs of India are saddened by his actions.

A joint effort of Canada and America

That is why the three youths who were caught by the Canadian police in the murder of Nijjar, were caught by the joint efforts of American law enforcement. All three youths caught are Indians. He has been arrested by the RCMP on charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. All three are from Punjab. Karan Brar is from Faridkot and he had gone to Canada on a study visa. There is no criminal case against him in India, however, a case of fraud under section 420 has been registered against his father. Karanpreet Singh is from an ordinary farmer family in Gurdaspur. His father drives a truck in Dubai. Karanpreet has also been in Canada for the last three years and drives a truck. Kamalpreet had also gone to Canada on a study visa. He is from Jalandhar district of Punjab.

Trudeau is scared of elections

None of these three have any criminal record. Neither of the three were quarrelsome nor did they have any quarrel with anyone. That's why everyone is expressing surprise at the RCMP's arrest. But the governments of Canada and India have come face to face. Canadian PM Trudeau is saying that these three people were not the masterminds of this murder. There will be more arrests. On the other hand, India's Foreign Ministry has replied that India had no involvement in the Nijjar massacre. The situation is so dire that the Foreign Ministry often summons the Deputy High Commissioner of Canada. Justin Trudeau never misses any opportunity to attack India. They don't even check the facts. This makes them feel embarrassed. There are elections there next year. They want to bring the migrants to their side. There are a large number of Sikhs among Indian immigrants. They feel that this community will become their voters.

Canada is no longer safe

On the other hand, law and order inside Canada is deteriorating. Till now the situation was that people tired of the gun culture of America may work in America but they used to build houses in Canada. There are many benefits to getting Canadian citizenship. Health there is with the government, so treatment for every person is free. Secondly, there is no racism there. Everyone, black and white, lives peacefully there. Canada is considered the safest country in the world. But the way drugs like ganja have been made common there and Trudeau's policy of bringing in immigrants, and criminals from all over the world are gathering there too, the situation has changed. Canadian society is very sad about Trudeau. Recently, several vehicles collided with each other on the main state route Fouro One (401) in Toronto, Canada, near Whitby, due to a criminal driving in the wrong direction. 4 Indian immigrants were killed in that.

Foro-One accident and death of Indians

Four days ago, when the police arrived to arrest people who were looting an LCBO liquor store, the criminals ran away and drove on the wrong side of Four-One. Due to this, all the vehicles coming from that direction collided with each other. Four people, including a three-month-old baby, died. All the people who died were Indians. His grandparents, who had gone from India to Canada to see the child, died on the spot. The child's parents were taken to the hospital. This has never happened before in Canada. This downfall of a country that continuously fought for its democracy and its legal system and against color and caste discrimination is unfortunate. Justin Trudeau has failed to control the growing anarchy in his country.