Fighting in Parliament, strong anger among people… Civil war broke out in this country over a law


In Georgia, after the debate on the Foreign Agents Bill, there was a fight in the Parliament, after which the protests against the bill did not stop. Opposition people and protesters are seen making many allegations on this bill.

The protests that started in the Parliament of Georgia are now increasing instead of decreasing. This demonstration was started regarding a bill on which the opposition could not agree. Even before this, this bill was introduced last year i.e. in the year 2023, after which massive protests were held for 2 consecutive days. To stop this protest, the bill was banned. When this bill was again presented in Parliament, this violence broke out once again.

Protests have started once again in the Eastern European country Georgia regarding the Foreign Agents Bill. There has also been fighting inside the Parliament regarding this. This protest is being held outside Georgia for three days. The situation escalated when the protesters started fighting with the police, after which the police started lathi-charge and spraying black pepper to disperse the crowd. During this period many protesters were arrested. After this effort of the police, the protests have increased further.

There was a fight inside the Parliament

This protest started when the Foreign Agents Bill was being debated in the Parliament. During this debate, Mamuka Madinaradze, leader of the Georgian Dream Party on behalf of the ruling government, started his statement on this bill. In the middle of giving the statement, opposition MP Aloke Eliashvili left his seat attacked Mamuka, and punched him hard in the face. After this action of his, there was a stir inside the Parliament and other MPs together scuffled with Aloke.

When Aloke came out after the uproar inside the Parliament, a large number of protesters welcomed him and started making noise. Protests have been going on in Georgia for a long time against the Foreign Agents Bill, and many people have stood together in protest against it. People from different cities of Georgia are going to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, to protest against the bill. The number of women in this demonstration is also very high. The situation of this protest which has been going on for three days is getting worse day by day.

What is the Foreign Agents Bill?

The Foreign Agents Bill states that all media and non-commercial organizations receiving more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad should be identified as foreign agents and all of them should be prosecuted to further the advantage of the foreign power. The fine should also be imposed. The opposition and protesters have alleged on this bill that it is a sponsored bill of the Putin government. He alleges that just as the voice of media and many organizations has been suppressed in Russia, in the same way, independent voices and democratic freedom will be suppressed in Georgia too.

Earlier in March 2023, the Foreign Agents Bill was introduced in the Parliament. Immediately after the introduction of the bill, violent protests were held which lasted for two days, after which the bill was stopped. After this protest, the division started in Georgia. On one hand, opposition groups, civil society, celebrities, and the country's prominent President came together and rallied against the ruling party.

Image- Tv9