Father was breathing his last on the bed, son stole Rs 5 crore, left only Rs 50 for treatment


An incident that puts a father-son relationship to shame has come to light in Britain. Here, the son stole Rs 5 crore from his father who was breathing his last in the hospital. Only 50 rupees were left for his treatment. This matter came to light when his father was being thrown out of the hospital due to lack of money.

David Bickel, 58, of Attleborough, Norfolk, has been sentenced to four years in prison for defrauding his elderly father Peter Bickel, The Metro reports. His father was suffering from dementia in 2015 when he committed the crime.

Fraud was committed by taking the father's power of attorney

Bikel obtained his father's durable power of attorney, allowing him to manage Peter's finances. According to the news report, the police allege that Bikel misused it and sold Peter's house unauthorized. In return, he received a total of 480,201 pounds (Rs 5,0680,110), about which he did not inform his father at all. At that time the father was in the hospital and he also stopped paying the treatment expenses, due to which the hospital refused treatment. Later, when he died in 2021, he had only 48 pence (Rs 50) left.

Relatives complained to the police

Later, 16 relatives of the person who died together informed the police about this. He said that when Peter Bikel was alive, he had financed his treatment by giving him a loan, even though his wealth was considerable. Then when the police started an investigation took the son into custody and interrogated him, the entire incident came to light. After this, a case was registered against him under criminal conspiracy and other sections and legal action were initiated.