EXIT POLL: Pakistan is worried by the prediction of Modi becoming PM again, what did China say?


All the exit polls have predicted that the Modi government may be formed at the center again. According to the exit polls of TV9, PEOPLE'S INSIGHT, POLSTRAT, and NDA are expected to get 346 seats, India alliance 162 seats, and others 35 seats. Pakistan is nervous after the exit poll figures came out. China, on the other hand, has expressed hope for improvement in relations with India.

The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 will be declared tomorrow i.e. on June 4, but before that, all the exit polls have predicted that the BJP government is going to be formed in the country once again and Narendra Modi can become the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time. The exit poll survey of TV9, PEOPLES INSIGHT, and POLSTRAT has estimated that the NDA is expected to get 346 seats, India Alliance 162 seats and others 35 seats. China and Pakistan have reacted after the exit poll figures came out. While China has expressed hope of better relations with India, Pakistan is completely scared. Pakistan says that Narendra Modi will adopt an aggressive policy against it.

First, let's talk about China's newspaper Global Times. According to it, Chinese experts said that there will be continuity in Modi's domestic and foreign policies, as he will be expected to continue his efforts to boost the country's economy. According to Global Times, analysts stressed the importance of cooperating with China to bring relations back on the path of stable growth and maintaining open communication to resolve differences.

Lok Sabha elections-2024 in India started on 19 April, which ended with the seventh phase of voting on 1 June. Now just waiting for the results of the election. Qian Feng of the Department of National Strategy Institute at Tsinghua University, China, said, Modi will continue to pursue the domestic and foreign policy objectives set for India, which will focus on moving the country towards becoming the world's third-largest economy after the US and China within a few years.

Experts on China-India relations said that if Modi remains in office, there is less chance of a confrontation between China and India. Lin Minwang, deputy director of the Center for South Asian Studies at Fudan University, told the Global Times, "Relations between China and many countries, including US allies such as Japan and Australia, are now improving. India may question why there is no sign of ease and improvement in China-India relations so far." Chinese analysts say that if Narendra Modi can work together with China in the next term, it can improve relations between the two countries.

Pakistan is afraid

On the other hand, Pakistan is trembling over the exit polls' prediction of PM Narendra Modi's return to power. Pakistan is afraid that PM Modi will adopt an aggressive policy against it.

Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Ajaz Chaudhary said that the track record shows that Modi implements the election manifesto. So, this time he will try to make India a Hindu state and will adopt an aggressive policy towards Pakistan.