Election campaign with murder accused, know who these two rappers on Trump's platform


Former US President Donald Trump had invited both rappers to the historic rally held on May 23 in South Bronx. Both are accused in a murder case. At present, he is out on bail. Both the rappers have to appear in court next month.

Rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hello on Trump's stage

There are presidential elections in America this year. Regarding this, Donald Trump is busy campaigning with full force. Recently he held a historic rally in South Bronx. A crowd of about 30 thousand people had gathered at this rally. Former President Trump had invited two rappers to the historic rally in the Bronx. Both these rappers shared the stage with Trump. It is said that these rappers are accused in a murder case.

After the rappers came on stage, Trump said that he loved the shining diamond grills on their (rapper's) teeth. He said he likes those teeth. I have to keep my teeth like this. On this, rapper Chef Ji said I always keep talking about your achievements. Keep shouting about your failures. Today Trump will raise slogans of victory for all of us.

This historic rally of Trump took place on May 23.

At the same time, before leaving the stage, another rapper Sleepy Hello repeated the Trump slogan 'Make America Great Again'. 'Make America Great Again' is Trump's election slogan in the US presidential election. This historic rally of Trump took place on May 23. At the same time, in this whole matter, when Daily Mail asked a representative of Trump's team whether the former President had sought the support of rappers?

Who are these two rappers who shared the stage with Trump?

In response, his spokesperson Steven Cheung reiterated Sheff G's statement in an email, in which the rapper said that he always talks about Trump's achievements. In such a situation, let us know who are these two rappers who shared the stage with Trump.

Famous for making chef song-video

Rapper Sheff G is also known as Michael Williams and Sleepy Hollow is also known as Tegan Chambers. Both the rappers had joined Trump's election campaign on Thursday. 25-year-old Chef Ji is quite famous for making songs and videos. He has millions of views on YouTube and Spotify. Apart from this, there are also conspirators in a murder case that took place in 2023. He was also sentenced to jail for attempting to possess weapons.

11 million people listen to Sleepy Hello

At the same time, 11 million people listen to Sleepy Hello i.e. Tegan Chambers on Spotify every month. Hello is accused of conspiring in the gang case. However, both he and Chef Ji have declared themselves innocent. Both the rappers have to appear in court next month. Sheffji's lawyer Arthur Aidala said that the case is ongoing but we are confident that Williams will be acquitted.

Currently both rappers are out on bail

Both the rappers are currently out on bail. Let us tell you that last year Chef Ji hosted a steak dinner for Sleepy Hello and others. In this, an alleged member of the rival gang lost his life and five others were injured. The matter reached the court. Chef Ji got parole in June last year in the case of an attempt to possess weapons. He remained in jail till April this year. After this, he got bail on a bond of 1.5 million dollars. Whereas, Halo was released in May. For this, he had to pay a bond of 2 lakh dollars.