Earthquake in Taiwan, tsunami warning in Japan, guidelines have been issued


A strong earthquake this morning in Taiwan's capital, Taipei, has put the people of the country in panic. The earthquake occurred at 7.58 am local time on Wednesday. Due to this earthquake, the danger of tsunamis has started looming.

The Central Meteorological Administration of the country has given this information. The administration said that an earthquake of 7.4 magnitude occurred in Taipei this morning. Due to the strong earthquake, electricity was cut off in many parts of the city. Due to this, the foundations of buildings in Hualien have been shaken.

Due to this people came out of their homes. A tsunami warning was issued in Japan immediately after the earthquake in Taiwan's capital Taipei. However, no damage has been reported in Taipei due to the earthquake.

An earthquake alert has been issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency. The agency predicted a tsunami of up to 3 meters (9.8 ft). After this warning, a guideline has also been issued for the coastal areas near the southern prefecture of Okinawa.

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