Earthquake in Taiwan but China did not stop, found an opportunity in disaster


Many cities in Taiwan were shaken by strong earthquakes on Wednesday. The intensity of the earthquake was measured at 7.2. The earthquake has caused terrible devastation in the country. Many buildings have been razed to the ground and there is a possibility of many people being buried in them. After the earthquake, Taiwan formed the Emergency Ministry and the army formed a special unit for rescue operations.

In this difficult time, China has added more trouble to Taiwan. Just an hour before the earthquake in Taiwan, China launched a satellite. While the government of Taiwan is engaged in relief work, the Defense Ministry of Taiwan is keeping an eye on China's activities.

During the earthquake, China tried to create pressure by sending 30 fighter planes and 9 ships into Taiwan's airspace. After this action of China, the Government of Taiwan has to keep a vigil on two fronts. The decades-old dispute between Taiwan and China is currently heating up. There is already a dispute between the two countries regarding Taiwan.

After the earthquake, many painful pictures emerged from Taiwan. Buildings in the country are seen collapsing like a deck of cards. After the earthquake, speed train service has been stopped in Taipei, electricity has also been cut in many areas. The effect of the earthquake was also seen in the Philippines and Japan, an alert has been issued in Japan regarding waves up to 3 meters high. Apart from this, earthquake havoc has also been seen in China and Shanghai.

There was chaos in Taiwan after the earthquake. There was a stampede in the underground train during the earthquake. Apart from this, it can be seen in a photo that a building has become tilted after the earthquake.