Drugs, money, and greed... he exploited many women for pigs. Now, this dreaded killer has met a fitting end


Robert Pickton, one of Canada's most dangerous murderers, has been murdered inside the prison. Remains and DNA of about 33 women were found on Robert Pickton's farm. Apart from this, he had claimed to have killed 49 women.

A serial killer serving a sentence for killing 6 women in a Canadian prison has been murdered. Robert Pickton was serving a sentence for killing 6 women since 2007. On Friday, a fellow inmate attacked him in prison, after which he died during treatment. 74-year-old Robert Pickton was a former pig trader in Canada and one of the most dreaded killers.

The remains and DNA of about 33 women were found on Pickton's farm in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. He also boasted to an undercover police officer that he had killed a total of 49 women. He committed these murders between 1997 and 2001.

How was the serial killer killed?

Robert Pickton was serving a life sentence in a Canadian prison. There he was attacked by a prisoner, after which he died during treatment in the hospital. The police have not disclosed the name of the prisoner accused of murder and are trying to find out the reasons for the murder.

He used to kill women in a dangerous way

In 2007, Robert Pickton was found guilty of murdering drug addict women and sex workers and feeding their body parts to pigs. Initially, a case was registered against him for the murder of 49 women, but later he was convicted of murdering only 6 women. Robert used to take women to his farm on the pretext of drugs and money and brutally murder them there.

He denied his crimes

Despite overwhelming evidence, Robert Pickton denied his crimes. Robert rarely showed emotion during the trial and did not testify. However, in a taped conversation with an undercover officer, he said, "He has already killed 49 women and aims to kill 50 women."