Dragon's bullying in the Philippines, America challenged, will there be a way out with international support?


China sprayed water on Philippine ships and also carried out sabotage near the disputed area between the two countries. At the same time, America has confirmed that it will protect its ally against any attack, including in the disputed waters of the South China Sea.

Recent tensions in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines have escalated over territorial claims and actions by the Chinese coast guard. In its provocative actions, China is carrying out actions like spraying water on Philippines ships, as well as carrying out sabotage near disputed areas like Scarborough Shoal. These confrontations have resulted in damage to Philippines ships and equipment, raising concerns of an escalating regional conflict.

In response to Chinese aggression, the Philippines has taken diplomatic measures to deal with the situation. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has refused to deploy water cannons to counter Chinese attacks. Instead, he has emphasized the country's commitment to diplomatic solutions and de-escalation to avoid escalating tensions in the disputed region.

What did the President of the Philippines say?

Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said the Philippines would not deploy water cannons or any other offensive weapons in response to Chinese attacks in the South China Sea. President Marcos stressed that the mission of the Philippines Navy and Coast Guard is to reduce tensions in the region. He said the last thing the Philippines wanted was to escalate tensions in the disputed waters.

Additionally, the Philippines government has sought diplomatic support and condemnation for China's aggressive behavior while aligning itself with international norms and laws. Expressing concern about China's violations and escalating water cannon pressure, the Philippines has demonstrated its resolve to defend its rights and territorial claims through peaceful means.

International support

The recent encounters have drawn international attention and support for the Philippines' stance. The United States has been a longtime ally of the Philippines. The US has reaffirmed its commitment to defend its ally against any attack, including in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. This American support has further strengthened the position of the Philippines.