Double attack of nature in America, sirens are ringing, havoc of rain and heat continues


People in America are facing two different weather outbreaks, where Iowa received heavy rains in the last few days, and the rest of the country is in the grip of severe heat. The Meteorological Department has issued a heat warning for the next few days.

Flood in Iowa, USA

On one hand, people in America suffer from floods, and on the other hand, flames of fire are pouring from the sky. People are facing severe heat. Two seasons in one country have made life difficult for people. Flood waters in many parts of Iowa in America have forced people to leave their homes. It is raining continuously. Rivers are in spate. People are taking shelter in other safe places.

According to media reports, in Rock Valley, Iowa, with a population of 4200, people are being urged to come out of their homes by sounding sirens because the Rock River is in spate. It is now unable to bear the rainwater and has devastated the area. Mayor Kevin Van Otterloo says that a government helicopter was being taken for help, but the trapped people are being evacuated through boats. He said that there has been a lot of rain here. Last night, four inches of rain was recorded in one and a half hours. The ground cannot bear any more rain.

Governor Kim Reynolds declared a state of disaster for 21 counties in northern Iowa, including Sioux County, Rock Valley. Drone video showed roads submerged and only roofs and tree tops visible above the water. Several highways were closed. In South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem declared a state of emergency after heavy rains in the southeastern part of the state.

Deaths at record level

At the same time, heat and humidity have wreaked havoc in other parts of America. The US National Weather Service says that severe heat warnings have been issued for about 15 million people, while heat advisories have been issued for another 90 million people. The lives of millions of people have been affected due to abnormal heat. Experts say that last year America experienced the most heat since 1936. More than 2300 deaths have occurred due to severe heat, which is the highest in 45 years of records.

The meteorological department expressed apprehension of high-temperature

The US Meteorological Department has predicted temperatures of around 37.8 degrees Celsius in Washington DC and Richmond, Virginia, while temperatures are expected to exceed 32 degrees Celsius in Philadelphia, Newark, New Jersey, Columbus, Ohio, and Detroit. According to the Department of Health, the number of heat-related hospital visits in New York State is 500 percent higher than the average day in June.