Cyber expert started spying as soon as he got the job in American NSA, sentenced to 21 years


The FBI adopted a special strategy to catch Dalke's spying. The Russian agent with whom the cyber expert was making a deal to sell the country's information did not know that he was not a Russian agent but an FBI agent.

A former US NSA employee has been sentenced to more than 21 years in prison for spying. The American Justice Department has given this information. The name of the cyber expert is Jareh Sebastian Dalke. Dalke worked for less than four weeks in the American intelligence agency NSA.

After this, he left the job of American NSA in June 2022 citing family problems. But during the time Dalke worked in the American intelligence agency, he had a lot of responsibility. But he took the wrong advantage of that responsibility. Dalke started spying. He was accused of spying for Russia.

FBI caught Dalke like this

According to court documents, Dalke printed some secret documents while working in the NSA. After this, when he left the job there, he started spying. He offered to sell this document for $85,000. In Dalke's mind, the person to whom he offered to sell the document was a Russian agent. It was here that Dalke was caught.

Sentenced to more than 21 years

He was not a Russian agent, he was an FBI agent. The FBI adopted this tactic to catch Dalke's spying. The matter reached the court. Dalkey was convicted in a US District Court on six counts of attempting to pass government intelligence information to a foreign agent. Dalke was sentenced to more than 21 years in prison in the same case on Monday.

Was making a deal with the security of the country

Regarding this entire incident, Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement that the one who had taken an oath to protect our country started spying for another country. He (Dalke) believed that he was selling national security information to a Russian agent but he did not know that the person with whom he was dealing was not a Russian agent but an FBI agent.

Garland said that those who seek to betray our country will be held accountable and punished for their crimes.