Covid-19 New Variant: Another new variant of Corona found in France B.1.640.2., 46 mutations seen


Another new variant has been identified in France amid the threat of Corona and Omicron. In southern France, 12 people have also been found infected with this new variant. Scientists have identified it as B.1.640.2. He says that 46 mutations have been seen in this new variant so far. However, reports have not yet come out about how dangerous it is and the rate of its infection.

The report said that the individuals in whom the new variant was found had returned to Cameroon. In such a situation, this infection can spread to South African countries.


New variants coming out frequently
New variants of Corona are coming out again and again. This happened last year as well, but studies are still going on about how dangerous all the new variants are. Scientists say that the new variant can be dangerous on two levels, either it has a high death rate or infection rate. However, no such information has been revealed about the new variant found in France yet.


Can even beat the vaccine
Scientists say that an unusual combination has been seen in 12 people in whom the new variant has been identified. The new variant with 46 mutations can even outperform the vaccine. Scientists say that the new variant is creating immunity to the corona vaccine in itself.