Conflict between Saudi and Iran over Hajj, '6 emissaries' of Supreme Leader Khamenei expelled from the country


Hajj 2024: The Saudi government has expelled a team of 6 media personnel close to the Supreme Leader of Iran from the country. After this, Iranian officials said that we did not expect this step from Saudi officials. All these members had arrived for Hajj. But Saudi was suspicious of their activities.

Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Ayatollah Khamenei

Recently, the Supreme Leader of Iran had expressed his desire to improve relations with Saudi Arabia, some similar signals were also received from Crown Prince Salman. Acting President Mohammad Moukhbar, who took over the presidency after the death of Ibrahim Raisi, also made the first foreign call to Crown Prince Salman and invited him to come to Iran. But the confrontation has started even before the relations between the two countries improved. 6 Iranian media personnel who went to cover the Hajj pilgrimage have been expelled from the country after being detained by the Saudi government.

According to reports, the media personnel who have been expelled from Saudi Arabia are said to be associated with Iran's Supreme Leader. Iran media reported that the group was detained for about a week before being sent back to Iran.

Why were they expelled from Saudi Arabia?

During Hajj, many media houses from all over the world send their reporters to Saudi Arabia for coverage. According to the Saudi government guidelines, no political activity is allowed in both Mecca and Medina. Saudi Arabia has not given the reason for the detention, but according to reports, the group was detained on suspicion of spreading Iranian propaganda.

Sent back without performing Hajj

After returning to Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) chief Jebelli himself welcomed the group at Tehran airport and confirmed that these 6 members had been sent back to Iran after the intervention of Saudi officials. Jebelli said that he does not know the reason for the arrests, but the group has been expelled from Saudi Arabia without performing Hajj.

Jabeli said that Iranian media is regularly sent to Hajj every year, but we did not expect this move by Saudi authorities. He also said that Iranian authorities, including the Foreign Ministry, the representative of the Supreme Leader, and the Iranian Embassy in Saudi Arabia, are monitoring the matter.