Claims based on two studies in the UK: Omicron variant infection have decreased in hospitalization


The third dose of the Covid vaccine, the Omicron variant, can save up to 88 percent of those infected with hospitalization. This claim has been made in the initial report of two studies conducted in Britain. It has been released by the UK Health Protection Agency.

Regarding this, Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in the US and professor of molecular medicine, claimed on social media that in people who have taken two doses, the effect of the vaccine decreases to 52 percent after six months of the second dose. Whereas immunity increases from 52 to 88 percent in people receiving booster doses. For this reason, the chances of hospitalization are reduced.


The report was made on the basis of five lakh Omicron cases
The studies assessed the need for hospitalization of vaccinated and Omicron infected. In the first study, five lakh Omicron infected people of every age group were included. This proved that the need for hospitalization of the infected is less in Omicron compared to Delta, and this is further reduced in the delivery of booster doses. The second study took place in a smaller circle of people over the age of 18. It found that those taking the third dose had less need for hospitalization.


Yet large numbers of people may be hospitalized
Despite Omicron patients' hospitalization risk being one-third lower than Delta's, there are fears the number could be higher. The reason for this is also the new variant being more contagious.

Vaccine effective even after 29 crore infections
Topol said that it is a good thing to show the effect on the new variant by the vaccine made on the basis of the coronavirus from two years ago. We should keep in mind that this virus has mutated hundreds of times infecting 29 crore people. This time the mutation happened at an even higher level.

After 10 weeks, the effect of the third dose will also decrease.
According to the report, the effect of the booster dose will start decreasing after 10 weeks. It will also be less effective against Omicron than Delta.