China's President on a Europe tour faces the threat of a new war, what help did he seek from France?


Xi Jinping Europe Trip: Western countries, which have maintained distance from China for a long time, are taking the help of China's diplomacy to reduce tension between Ukraine and Russia. China is also facing the threat of a new war, for which it has sought help from France.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a visit to France.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a visit to France. Xi is starting his Europe tour with a two-day visit to France. After reaching France on Monday, Xi met President Emmanuel Macron. In the meeting between the two leaders, trade, strengthening of mutual relations as well as the Russia-Ukraine war, and increasing tension in the world were also discussed.

Speaking before the media with Xi at the Elysee presidential palace, Macron said, "France hopes that China's influence on Moscow will help move towards ending the Russia and Ukraine wars." Let us tell you that China has maintained its role neutral throughout the war. This stand of China has been appreciated by President Macron.

Xi faces the threat of cold war

After the meeting, Xi Jinping said that due to increasing tension around the world, the world is moving towards a new cold war. Recently the EU and other countries have become more inclined towards American interests. We hope that France will help China in saving the world from entering a cold war. Xi said, “History has proved again and again that any conflict can be ended only through dialogue. “We call on all parties to resume contacts and dialogue.”

China will help!

Macron said after the meeting that we welcome China's decision to stay away from arms sales during the war. Along with this, they also hope that China will persuade Russia to end the Ukraine war. Let us tell you that recently Russian President Putin announced to visit China at the end of this month.

Last year, Macron had appealed to Xi to “bring Russia to its senses”, but no clear action was taken by Beijing on this appeal, now once again Macron has expressed similar expectations from China.

Image- Tv9