China-Taiwan conflict: China is not able to digest the coronation of the new President of Taiwan!


China-Taiwan conflict: China is not able to digest the coronation of the new President of Taiwan. The officers in Beijing are not able to digest why a pro-China government is not being formed in Taiwan. Angered by this, China started military drills to increase tension on the Taiwan border. After this Taiwan also seems to be fully prepared. The Taiwanese army has also started war exercises. Due to this, the sound of another war has increased in the world. This war exercise is being done by China at a time when the new President of Taiwan has taken power. But Taiwan is also not ready to bow down to China's move. Military preparations are also strong from its side.


The tension between China and Taiwan is at its peak. China is not giving up its trickery. Taiwan is conducting military drills on the border. But Taiwan is also ready to answer the dragon in its language. Fighter jets are flying from the Taiwan Navy ship base to answer China. Taiwan's soldiers are operating anti-ship missile launchers to compete with the dragon. Chinese ships and war ships along with fighter jets are being monitored with radar. Taiwan's soldiers are monitoring Chinese warships. Taiwan's P-3C war patrol aircraft is flying over Chinese warships.

Overall, Taiwan seems fully prepared to clash with China. Taiwan has also deployed supersonic missiles to protect itself from Chinese siege. According to the Taiwanese Defense Ministry, '49 Chinese fighter jets were seen on Taiwan's border. 19 naval ships were also tracked by the Taiwanese army. The Taiwanese army is also keeping an eye on Chinese coast guard ships.'

On the other hand, China's dangerous fighter jets are flying in the sky. There is a fear that the Dragon can declare war against Taiwan anytime on the pretext of drill. According to the information, at this time more than 42 military aircraft of China are flying around Taiwan. About 28 of these also crossed the median line. China has deployed 15 warships and 16 coast guard ships around Taiwan.

However, Taiwan also seems ready to respond to every move of China with the help of America and its friendly countries. Taiwan's new President Lai Ching Te also announced that he will stand in the forefront with all the brothers and sisters of the national army to protect national peace. At this time the eyes of the whole world are on democratic Taiwan, we are facing external challenges and threats, and amidst these threats, we will continue to protect the values ​​of democracy and regional peace and stability.

China has been adopting an aggressive stance ever since the new President of Taiwan was sworn in. Not only has it increased the tension between China and Taiwan, but the world has also started hearing the sound of another war. Meanwhile, a video of the war zone is going viral in which Chinese Navy soldiers are talking indecently to the Taiwanese warship during radio communication.

Taiwan understands China's conspiracy. Therefore, anti-ship missiles have been deployed near the coasts. These can shoot down enemy ships, missiles, fighter jets, and helicopters in the sky. Taiwan is not ready to bow down to China in any way. On the other hand, China is calling the military drill necessary to protect national integrity.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said, "The aim of China's maneuvers and training around Taiwan Island is to safeguard national security and territorial integrity, as well as to strictly punish separatist forces seeking independence in Taiwan and to give a serious warning to external forces provoking. These drills are being conducted by international law."

China is saying that the military drill is under international law. Whereas a statement issued by Taiwan's Foreign Ministry said that this is a provocative action. They are fully prepared to defend their jurisdiction.

China has always seen Taiwan as a province that has separated from it. China has been claiming that one day Taiwan will become a part of China. However, the people of Taiwan see themselves as a separate nation. This time again the anti-China government has won in Taiwan and they want to see themselves as an independent country, which has irritated China. Because it does not want to even see the new Taiwanese President.