China made a plan to occupy Taiwan? A map has been made of the President's office, what bomb is going to be dropped?


A new online picture taken from satellite has surfaced. It shows a meticulously detailed statue of Taiwan's presidential office unveiled at a military training complex in China's Mongolian region. This special picture has been shared on social media by a defense analyst in Taiwan. It shows a detailed mockup of an administrative district of Taipei. It is being told that it has been specially designed by the Chinese Army PLA. 

This particular picture was posted on social media on March 26. The photo posted shows a restricted area in Taipei's Zhongzheng district. In this, important government buildings including the President's Office Building are visible.

Is China preparing to occupy Taiwan?

It is being told that this training ground of soldiers based in China is located near Alxa Left Banner Administrative Building near Alxa League in Mongolia. According to Wayne, the previous mockup had shown the President's office as well as some important government buildings. The new photo also includes a large portion of Bo'i Special John. 

According to Wen, the purpose of the mockup prepared by China is to easily use the aerial bombardment and artillery training range during war. These actions of China show that it is making every possible preparation to capture Taiwan.

According to media reports, the work of making this picture from China started in March 2021 and by October of the same year, it had prepared the complete map. This effort of China reflects the desire of its army to be prepared for possible conflicts and in every situation. 

Let us tell you that this is not the first case of military preparations from China's side. In 2015, China Central Television showed a military exercise at the Jurihe Training Base in Inner Mongolia. In this military exercise, PLA soldiers practiced attacking a building resembling the Japan-era office of the President of Taiwan.