China is provoking Bangladesh, is Dragon the reason for the 'India Out Campaign'?


Echoes of the 'India Out Campaign' are being heard in Bangladesh. The main opposition party of Bangladesh running this campaign against India is the Bangladeshi Nationalist Party (BNP), but experts consider it to be just a mask. China is considered to be the reason for the real opposition to India in Bangladesh. Earlier, Dragon had carried out a similar conspiracy in Maldives also.

Nowadays, an anti-India campaign has started in Bangladesh, which is counted among India's major friends in the world. India Out campaign is appealing for a boycott of Indian products in Bangladesh. A kind of atmosphere is being created on social media, especially when BNP leaders are openly speaking against India. Seeing such an environment, it is natural to raise the question of how this country, which was dependent on India's help, started speaking such a language. The biggest reason behind this is China. Let us understand how.

There is a war going on in Bangladesh between the ruling party and the opposition, but its target is India. Through the India Out campaign, opposition leaders are continuously appealing for a boycott of Indian products. Senior BNP leader General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi crossed the limits. Recently, to take the campaign forward, he burnt a Kashmiri shawl. On this, Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina retorted and even said that when these leaders burn the Indian sarees of their wives, then it will be considered that they are protesting.

The name of the leader running the campaign against India in Bangladesh is Tariq Rahman, Tariq Rahman is the son of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia and former President Zia ur Rahman. Zia ur Rahman was the 8th President of Bangladesh. Especially five years after its separation from Pakistan, China recognized Bangladesh as an independent country. However, the kind of relations between the two countries could not be established as they should be. In such a situation, Zia ur Rehman became the leader who brought relations between the two countries back on track. He visited Beijing during this period and restored the Bangladesh free market. Now his own son's name is appearing in Bangladesh's anti-India campaign. Tariq Rahman is currently facing deportation from Bangladesh. In 2018, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment after finding him guilty of spreading terrorism.

Recently, Sheikh Hasina won the Bangladesh elections unilaterally, after which it started to be believed that it is not so easy to remove the Bangladesh Awami League from power. Apart from this, many people in Bangladesh believe that India has a hand somewhere behind Sheikh Hasina's victory. In such a situation, Tariq Rahman wants to take China's help to grab power in Bangladesh by citing China's relations with his father. That is why the anti-India campaign is being considered to be China's intention, because before this China has also done the same in Maldives. There too, to prove its intentions, China had tricked the main opposition party of Maldives.

China is gradually making India's neighbouring countries its prey. After Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Maldives, its next victim is Bangladesh. He is investing on a large scale in Bangladesh. Apart from this, he is also selling weapons. It is mentioned in many media reports that China is number one among the sellers of arms to Bangladesh. Apart from this, he is also continuously giving loans to Bangladesh. In the name of investment in railways, highways, power projects, and shipping, China is continuously drowning Bangladesh in debt. According to a report, a loan of 20 billion dollars has been given for 27 projects in Bangladesh, apart from this, billions of dollars in loans have also been given for 8 China Bangladesh Friendship Bridge. China has also given a loan of more than 1300 million dollars to Bangladesh for the Dhaka Ashulia Elevated Expressway.

China has signed a contract to develop the Pyara Port of Bangladesh. Just like it was done to develop Gwadar Port of Pakistan and Hambantota Port of Sri Lanka. Gwadar is under the control of China, on the pretext of giving a huge loan to Sri Lanka, China has also taken Hambantota Port on a 99-year lease. Among the neighbouring countries of India, only the beloved port of Bangladesh and Chittagong Port was left. After capturing these two ports, China will dominate the ports of most of the countries in Asia except India. In such a situation, it will be able to put pressure on India and also bargain with Western countries.